Leo Compatibility

Leos always like to be the leaders as they are born to rule. Occupying the fifth position in the zodiac chart, they are very strong, courageous, adventurous and regal in their lifestyle and outlook. Whatever be their domain in professional life, they are highly creative and can influence the other people with their dominating and independent characteristics. These brave hearted individuals are known for their boldness and positive thinking in life. The level of their confidence and optimism are unmatchable. Here we explore the compatibility of Leo with the twelve zodiac signs.
While a Leo is too generous, an Arian is open to life. They both share a lot of same traits and interests and similar attitudes to life. They both are fun loving and romantic. Leos can easily grant the freedom the Arians look forward in life. Arians at the same time do not interfere too much into the lives of the Leos. The strong ideas and the charismatic personality of the Leos will attract the Arians. The one downside to their compatibility is that both are egoistic in nature. If they learn to respect the other person, their match can become a highly successful one.
Leo – Aries compatibility score: 80%
Both Leos and Taurians share the qualities of strong determination and decision making power. Leos like to be in the limelight and be the center of attraction all the time. The Taurians on the other hand wish to find a safe place within the portals of the family life. Due to their diverging nature and incompatible attitudes, some problems might arise in their union. Since they both are dynamic and capable of putting in a lot of energy to fuel their lives, they can make the necessary adjustments in their personalities and fight the odds that come in their way to peace.
Leo – Taurus compatibility score: 15%
Leos and Geminians love fun and socializing. They want variety in life. They are easily drawn to each other and delightfully enjoy the company of the other person without getting bored. They always engage in delightful conversations. However, at times, the diverse interests and versatility of the Geminians will trigger some jealousy in the Leos. Leos look forward to long term commitments to relationships, which the Geminians will find very tough. If the downsides to their compatibility are solved, they can make one of the best matches possible.
Leo – Gemini compatibility score: 85%
Both these zodiac signs possess sharply different characteristics which will end up hurting each other’s pride. One platform where they can meet each other is the tendency of the Leo to be ruled and the preparedness of the Cancerian to accept such an authority and be a faithful follower. They can certainly enter into a workable marriage. The Leos want to be praised which is readily available in great measures from the Cancerian. They both like to be in the company of the other person. Though there are many contrasts to their attitudes, this pair might succeed in a long term relationship if the differences are sorted out.
Leo – Cancer compatibility score: 25%
Leos are known for their romantic, eloquent and passionate nature. They always like to be praised and stay as the center of attraction in life. They are never humble and modest. Though they are highly trustworthy and loyal, they are given to vainglory all the time. They are rigid and bold to make any new experiments in life. Since both Leos are bound to share some common tendencies, they can find a great match. Both must ensure they do not hurt the other person’s freedom and ego. If this is taken care, they can form a great bond.
Leo – Leo compatibility score: 82%
Virgos are very shy while the Leos are proud of their charismatic personality. Virgos are prone to criticize a lot which might affect the pride of the Leos. This will find their life filled with a lot of frictions and intolerance towards each other. While the Virgos look forward to stay in the background, Leos want to show off as the leaders. Therefore, they both will find several things uncommon between each other. They both must be ready to accept each other’s approaches and needs. Virgos must let the Leos free and the Leos must learn how to be humble to work their way forward.
Leo – Virgo compatibility score: 25%
Bothe these signs complement each other with their characteristics. Both Leos and Librans are outgoing, extroverts and love socializing. They are adventurous and romantic at the same time. Since both of them share several opposing individual characteristics, they can make a highly successful and powerful team to fight the odds of life. They always like to explore life, attend to parties and enjoy the company of other people. They never have any problems in accommodating the differences they find in the other person. So, this can be a highly successful match.
Leo – Libra compatibility score: 85%
Leos are passionate and egoistic. They can never tolerate possessive and jealous attitude. The Scorpions find the Leos intolerable when they are outgoing and forget the family. Most times, there are a lot of arguments and misunderstandings between the partners. Though they are drawn towards the other person’s charismatic nature, they can never get along peacefully in life. The dominating tendency of the Leos can never be accommodated by the Scorpions. Therefore this might not work out as a match.
Leo – Scorpio compatibility score: 15%
Leos and Sagittarians are highly romantic. They both share a highly passionate and warm relationship with each other. Often the Leos are highly possessive and will not allow the Sagittarians to be independent. At the same time, they can make a successful and highly attractive love match with their outgoing, adventurous and socializing nature. The only threat to their relationship is the flirtatious nature of the Sagittarians that might evoke the jealousy of the Leos. Sorting out these little things, they can always hope for a lasting bond.
Leo – Sagittarius compatibility score: 80%
There are not many things in common between these zodiac sings. Leos are lavish and like to spend to enjoy life. The Capricornians are worried of the future and would like to save. They have dissimilar attitudes to life and can never come to a common conclusion in life. Capricornians wish to live life alone inside the portals of the family while the Leos want to move about in the society showing off their talents and power. Leos are sensitive and emotional. They need to overlook the limitations of the other person and develop a common understanding to work their relationship.
Leo – Capricorn compatibility score: 25%
Though both of them are highly compatible in their attitudes and approaches, they must try to overcome the few differences they share. They enjoy a great amount of physical chemistry. They need to shed their ego to make the relationship workable. The Leos are highly charismatic which attracts the Aquarians. On the other hand, the Leos are drawn towards the intelligence and confidence of the Aquarians. The Aquarians must overcome their tendency to criticize which might offend the Leo’s pride.
Leo – Aquarius compatibility score: 80%
Leos like to rule while the Pisceans like to be ruled. So, in this way they do not have big problems in adjusting with each other. Pisceans are highly delighted to abide by the decisions of the Leos and so a compatible bond ensues between them. They are not likely to quarrel often. However, the Pisceans are emotional and sensitive. The Leos will find it tough to curtail their freedom loving and exploratory nature and satisfy their Piscean partner. If such differences are sorted out, they both can hope to enjoy a good bond.
Leo – Pisces compatibility score: 25%