Leo Business Horoscope

The year 2018 will see Mercury undergoing transits through the houses that control daily work. This means that those who are born as Leos will see heightened productiveness and efficiency. Thanks to the retrograde Neptune, the Leo might see certain delays in chores and responsibilities; however, there could be better phases by midyear that will allow you to make major decisions in terms of finances and decisions. Saturn will enter Capricorn at a later stage next year for Leos, and this might also mean that there will pop up new obstacles at work. Check out the Leo business horoscope and business astrology report for 2018.

New Beginnings

The beginning of the year will see Mercury undergoing transit from the house number 6. This entails the Leo to be highly productive at business. It is better since this will also help you improve work communication. Therefore the first month it could reap benefits for business by aiding to forge new deals.

By April, the 10th house will see a Mercury transit and this, your career and image will be under focus. When Leo starts to make leaps, there are certain risks that come along with these. Be prepared to gear up for the same and prep up accordingly. Always understand that new deals will not be the same as an older one. Therefore, go ahead and see how good a decision you can make with a new deal at hand.

Slow but Steady

With time, over the year, the Leo will begin to realize the value of details. Being detail-oriented willed actually be a better deal for Leos in 2018.yiu will have a tendency to go back on work since Neptune will be retrograde. There could be associated with this kind of star positioning. The summer and the autumn of 2018 need the Leo to be more careful.

With New moon in the house number 2, the Leo will find the time ripe to invest in new things or to make new investments. The fact that you can make new investments also signifies the fact that the time is ideal to make smart decisions that bring in great returns later on.

A Fair Deal

Once Mars begins to transit the second house on your horoscope, you will have more energy that enables you to earn more money. This phase will set inn by October and will give you scope to actually be rich. By the year end, the Leo will see issued to overcome in business. You will have to be wary of a competitor or an authority figure. However, the year will end on a fair note, if not a very high one