Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Gemini Sun Sign - Zodiac Signs
The New Year is here and we are all experiencing some blues from the weekend party scene. For the Gemini, or the Twins, there has to be more efforts that have to be put in round the year to sail through happily. This January is bound to be positive for you and you will actually see that your power and strength gets an automatic boost. Make sure you take challenges by the horn.

Interestingly, there is a Mars-Venus conjunction set to take place by the 27th of this month. The conjunction will mean good developments for your business. Therefore, you may expect an increase in income as well. The positively of this conjunction lies in the fact that you will get a number of prospects to travel abroad. Then again, the transit of the planets will cause some delay in your marriage plans. There will be delays in some new beginnings as well.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for Career: 

You need to be prepared for ample travel in terms of work. These tours will bring good results as well. There will be a lot of pressure on the work front. However, the month will bring in results. The month will be positive for business people and entrepreneurs. A lot of growth opportunities will be coming forth this month.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for Love and Marriage: 

There might be clouds over your love sky. There will be chances that you like somebody who might or might not revert with a yes. For those who are married, this month is going to be positive. Couples will have to spend time with each other for family stuff. Your partner might gain in terms of career and this will bode you good rewards in the long run.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for Money: 

The Gemini will see a strong financial stand in January. With a rise in efforts, your income will see substantial rise as well. However, you will see an increase in expenses on your kids. Foreign income will also come in. There is a scope that you make investments that bring in high returns.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for Health & Family:

 There will be a general confusion about your general health state. There is a possibility that you might have some aliment related to blood. There will be delayed diagnosis but otherwise, your family life will see ample peace.