Gemini Woman

The Gemini Woman

She is two women rolled into one! And don’t we dare talk about the changing moods! She is demure and caring one minute and fiercely sarcastic the other. Coupled with this, she can be highly intriguing and give you a run for your money!

Gemini Woman in Sexuality

The sexuality of a Gemini woman is a priced possession. If she feels right about you, don’t worry, she will indeed make her first move. High on intimacy and intensity, she is sure to surprise any man with the display of her emotions and true feelings. Always on the lookout for excitement, she loves to experiment, make changes, and spice up her sex life!

Gemini Woman in Relationships

Not the one to tolerate nonsense, she will bid adieu to a relationship if it is not making her happy. Never try to tie her down or oppress her freedom because that is the first thing that puts her off. Remember she is an Air goddess and just loves it when she is set free. A lover of travel, her mind continuously seeks knowledge as she moves along meeting new and interesting people.

Gemini Woman in Love

Dating a Gemini woman is fairly easy. A jack of many trades – she enjoys her trips to sport matches, concerts, shopping encounters and visits to the theatre to catch up on the latest plays. With her, it is important to never abide by a said routine, rather make it a fun and interesting episode and she will remember it for a long long time.

Gemini Woman in Compatibility

Witty, charming and full of life – a Gemini woman is a dream partner. The one who always takes charge, a Leo man, is a great match for the Gemini woman. Being a stable sign, a Leo man brings some much needed continuity in a Gemini woman’s life. The Ram (the Aries man) also makes a good match for the appealing Gemini woman. Both are interesting, spontaneous, impulsive and fun to be with, thus no day is boring in this couple’s life.

Gemini Woman in Career

The natural nosy kind, a Gemini woman makes a great journalist. They are wonderful writers who can engage their readers with their intriguing style of writing. They are thorough researchers and will leave no stone unturned when it comes to validating facts and figures. They love to work alone and refrain from adapting to a set 9 to 5 schedule. They also make great storytellers and innovative idea generators.

Gemini Woman in Business

Setting up your own public relations initiative, organizing a fund raising event, conceptualizing a communications plan – a Gemini woman is blessed with a multi-tasking streak as well as communicator’s flair to execute all such roles effortlessly. Passing knowledge to students, talking non-stop, becoming a teacher is quintessentially a dream job for a Gemini woman. Constant seekers of knowledge they also make great tour guides and marketing specialists primarily because they love to evaluate human behavior and habits.