Gemini Man

The Gemini Man

A wordsmith and a connoisseur of communication! Be with him and you are sure to see some magic being played with words. He is highly intellectual, quick-witted, and a knowledge seeker, the Gemini man is anything but boring.

Gemini Man in Sexuality

Though he is highly youthful and agile, the Gemini man gives very little heed to his sexuality. While he likes it if his girl challenges him, she should definitely not try to explore his insecurities. Not a great lover of monotonous and routine activities, he expects and loves no stability whatsoever.

Gemini Man in Relationships

You really cannot anticipate what goes on in a Gemini man’s mind. While he may love you for real, don’t be surprised, he will give you a glimpse of all his mood swings from a blossoming desire, to unbearable distance and to a burning anger and a sarcastic and difficult to handle attitude. A Gemini man always expects his lady love to be fiercely independent and highly self-sufficient.

Gemini Man in Love

Be ready to be kept waiting, because a Gemini man hardly makes the first move. Once he develops an interest in you, you can expect to have the best time of your life because he will sweep you off your feet with many innovative surprises. It is extremely impossible to get bored in the arms of a charismatic Gemini man. Spontaneous, carefree, and experimental – your love life with a Gemini man can be personified in these three simple words!

Gemini Man in Compatibility

A Gemini man makes a dashing impression on the mind of an Aries woman. A seeker of knowledge herself the Aries woman is sure to fall for the Gemini man’s intelligence. She is enthusiastic, energetic, and highly innovative in bed, what more does the versatile Gemini man need. The lady may tend to dominate the relationship, but for the Gemini man it hardly matters who plays the role of a boss as long as she doesn’t rub shoulders with him the wrong way.

Gemini Man in Career

Sharp, intelligence and fickle minded, a Gemini man, generally finds it tough to settle in a routine 9 to 5 job. Since they hold the ability to process knowledge rapidly they do very well in professions like market research, public relations, writing, journalism, teaching, and drama.

Gemini Man in Business

In business, the Gemini man will be quite enterprising. Indulging in a business of their choice allows them to keep things under their control, unleash their true potential and lets their creative juices to flow freely. The Gemini ruling planet Mercury gives a Gemini man the innate ability to become a good trader and businessman. His lack of patience and restlessness can harm or upset his business progress and growth, so he should develop a peaceful and clearly thought through state of mind to garner maximum advantage from all his initiatives. Since he is a magician of communication, he can be extremely expressive and convince people with his sweet talks.