2019 Gemini Love Horoscope

Jan 01, 2019 to Dec 31, 2019
This year 2019 is somewhat stimulating where the love relations are concerned. This year presence of love planets in the house of love expands horizon of love and there aspect of Mars arises passion and irritation both. There you have to show your patience and balance in relations otherwise it is going to be hectic in love.

For singles, it is best period to expect love in their life however, there it is need to be patient and avoid expectations especially if you have someone in mind and not able to express your love. In that case, you have to approach to let other know about your feelings. If you are already committed, then expect some ripples in your love life due to your impatience. Avoid being pushy or demanding from your existing partner. This will not at all pay you in the end except frustration or disappointment. The theme of this year is “being cooperative”. For married couples, it is difficult period especially if the planetary position in birth chart is not well placed. Issues of intimacy and /or power plays will surface up. Sudden events or unexpected reactions from partner will create unwelcome situations and you may not know how to handle it. In this situation it is recommended to handle the issues with patience. Ignoring the problem is not the solution to your problems. Now this year you have to handle the problems that already existed in your relationship. What is yours and what is mine may also be one of the issue that will surface up. If your marital relations are going on smooth, give space to mistakes of your partner. Avoid being egoist or selfish behave that may irritate your partner. In every sense be cooperative and understanding!

Gemini Horoscope - Love and Relationship

Natives born with Gemini sun sign are known to be most vocal lovers in the gamut of Zodiac. This sign lacks emotional resilience reason being they need lot of personal space to nurture and grow. They often take time for long life commitments. More than sexual compatibility, emotional compatibility smoothens their senses. Being born under influence of dual sign they may have turning thoughts lacking firmness. They feel that variety is the spice of the life. They generally make quick friendship, find fault quickly and often loose partner, so they cannot find a lover to your satisfaction even though they long for it. They cannot be understood easily but romance for them is the source of happiness. Their affection is controlled by the mind than by the emotions. They are calculating and cynical in love. Their partners should be strong enough to understand this and not take it personally. Good at arguments they seldom listen to others. When confronted they tend to hide their genuine feelings. Sudden outburst can lead them in depression but taking it no long these native s are back to normal.
Gemini Parent
Enjoying the company of children Gemini natives often treat their children as small adults. They aim at developing reasoning abilities of child as a means to attain discipline in life. They find parenthood exiting. They always try to answer questions of their child to best of their abilities.
Gemini Children
Children born with Gemini sun sign are often inquisitive and communicative. They excel in stimulating environments. They have an apt for knowledge, to know the unknown. Without being thoughtful they explore the horizons of knowledge for them. It is very hard for them to concentrate on one thing or project for a while.
Below are different possible pairing of Gemini Sign
Gemini and Aries Compatibility
Not a great match, but can work well with understanding and effort. This pair can stay as good friends as well as good lovers. Both are lively, energetic, confident, loving and intellectual. Gemini is inconsistent and cunning whereas Aries is selfish and short-tempered. Aries is better at decision making in comparison to Gemini.
Gemini and Taurus Compatibility
Not a stable match as Gemini looks for new experiences and Taurus likes stability in life. Gemini loves freedom while Taurus loves spending time at home. Gemini is sometimes frustrated by Taurus serious and secretive attitude. Taurus is determined and security loving and therefore if he likes the relationship to work on only then relationship keeps on going.
Gemini and Gemini Compatibility
The combination of two Air Signs makes the relationship more lively and romantic. New ideas take place when their conversation starts on. Both are communicative, lively, witty and intellectual. Both enjoy the company of each other as they have lot to talk about. This is the one of the best versatile, charming and vivacious pair. Both have a lot of friends, as they are best at conversation and making new friends.
Gemini and Cancer Compatibility
Their relationship is not considered as a long-term association as Cancer needs security and constancy while Gemini loves freedom and flirtations. Gemini sharp tongue hits Cancer's ego and at the same time Cancer moodiness becomes too much for Gemini to cope up with. Emotions and feelings drive Cancer and Gemini hates being sensitive. The couples can be together only when there is good understanding between them.
Gemini and Leo Compatibility
This is considered to be the affectionate pair who really enjoys in the company of each other. Both are loving, extrovert, faithful, intellectual and broad-minded. Both love to sit in each other's company and had a lot of fun together. Gemini's flatteries win's Leon heart. Both are naturally attracted to glamour, flattery and the world of good fellowship. There is a great mutual attraction between these two signs.
Gemini and Virgo Compatibility
Both signs are ruled by mercury, so there is an equal nature in mental stimulation, social drive and business. Virgo is modest, shy, practical and intelligent; Gemini is communicative, versatile, lively and witty. Gemini thinks Virgo as bore and perfectionist and Virgo thinks Gemini as superficial and extra social. The match doesn't go well owing to their contrasting behaviour.
Gemini and Libra Compatibility
Perfect and wonderful matches as both signs have much in common and enough in contrast to make an ideal partnership. Both have similar interests; are social, affectionate, fun loving, lively and romantic. Both are good at spending money rather than saving it. Both compliment each other and the best is taken out from each one's nature. Both feel happy while communicating with each other and sharing and exchanging each other's idea.
Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility
Water and Air sign doesn't make a good pair because of the differences in their emotional temperament. Scorpio is determined, forceful, emotional, jealous and secretive; Gemini is versatile, communicative, witty and inconsistent. Gemini is social in nature but Scorpio loves leaving alone. Problems may arise in their relationship because of their sensitive attitude and emotional behaviour.
Gemini and Sagittarius Compatibility
It brings out a lovely and successful relationship, as both are dynamic and freedom loving people. Both are extrovert, frank, communicative and intellectual. These are opposite signs but are attracted to each other like magnets. They enjoy in each other's company as both have wide range of interests and lot to discuss. Problems should be solved immediately in this relationship otherwise they may lead to hectic situations.
Gemini and Capricorn Compatibility
Gemini is versatile, communicative, witty, lively and intellectual; Capricorn is practical, ambitious, patient, reserved and careful. Relationship between them may be successful or may not be. One can't say anything about it. Each one is benefited from the other one. Capricorn provides stability to Gemini and Gemini gives encouragement to Capricorn. Capricorn's disciplined behaviour keeps Gemini tied down.
Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility
Friendly and affectionate relationship takes place between these two mates. Both are friendly, independent, intellectual and communicative. Inventive Aquarius makes good pair with versatile Gemini whose witty and lively nature wins the heart of honest Aquarius. They are better friends and companions rather than passionate lovers. The caring and humanitarian thoughts of Aquarius will find a suitable home with Gemini. Both suit each other perfectly in any case.
Gemini and Pisces Compatibility
Behaviour of these two signs is completely opposite but they can make a good pair either one is ready to change his behaviour and make an adjustment. Gemini is joyful, lively, communicative, cunning and versatile; Pisces is sensitive, emotional, imaginative, selfless and secretive. Gemini lively nature and intellect impress Pisces and in the same way Pisces selfless and sympathetic attitude wins Gemini.