Gemini Compatibility

Belonging to the third Zodiac sign in the chart, Geminians are highly talkative and like to socialize with others. One of the chief characteristics of the Geminians is that they love to gather as much information about the world and pass it on to others like a news broadcasting agency. Geminians are highly versatile and intelligent people. They are enthusiastic and highly engaging. None gets bored with their company. Here we discuss the compatibility of the twelve zodiac signs with Gemini.
Both Arians and Geminians cannot tolerate boredom. They both wish to get rid of the monotony, dullness and the regular routines of life and engage in something interesting and adventurous. While coming together in a marital bond, the Geminian will respect the Arian’s individuality while the Arian will certainly give the personal freedom the Geminian looks forward to. However, astrology finds some incompatible issues between them which are negligible and will not come in the way of their happiness and getting together. Therefore this is one of the best matches in astrology.
Gemini – Aries compatibility score: 85%
Geminians often lose their stability very easily. Taurians are on the other hand steady and like to stay ahead of others in life. Taurians are very calm and composed. Most times they are peaceful while the Geminians are always restless and excited. Due to these strongly opposing temperaments, they both enter into conflicts most of the times. At the same time, we cannot say no to this match since they can strive a bit and patch up the differences they have. Taurians must learn from Geminians how to compromise. On the other hand, the Geminians must learn from Taurians how to be consistent. Then this match will work.
Gemini – Taurus compatibility score: 25%
Gemini born individuals are very dull all the time. They display dual personalities. Sometimes they are happy and at times they are very sad. Some of the chief characteristics of their personality are adaptability, resourcefulness, impatience and inconsistency. Geminians are highly talkative and like to engage in conversations all the time. They need food for thoughts and are very clever. They get bored being with a single topic and they wish to find some novelty and change in life. The common characteristics find them as a good match. They must work together to overcome their limitations and downsides.
Gemini – Gemini compatibility score: 82%
Geminians and Cancerians have very less things in common. They have their independent attitudes and approaches towards life. They solve problems differently. While a Cancerian feels actions are very important, Geminians are talkative and chat a lot over insignificant things. One good thing is the Cancerians will love the intelligence and humor of the Geminians and so can explore the possibility of coming together. If the Cancerians can provide stability and depth to the union, the Geminian must curtail their flirtatious nature to win the confidence of the Cancerians for the match to work in the long run.
Gemini – Cancer compatibility score: 25%
Both a Geminian and a Leo are drawn towards fun and frolic in life. They both are adventurous. They enjoy each other’s company so much. They engage in highly interesting intellectual conversations. At the same time, seeing the diverse interests of the Geminians, the Leos feel jealous. While Geminians are flirtatious, Leos look forward to long term bonds. Therefore there are some basic differences in their natures which might come in the way of their happiness. If this match must work positively, the Geminians must control their sharp tongue from hurting their Leo partner and the Leos must accommodate the freedom loving nature of the Geminians.
Gemini – Leo compatibility score: 85%
Both Geminians and Virgos are highly practical. They are also intelligent. In the intellectual level, they share a lot of compatibility. However, both of them have a lot of pent up feelings that might ruin their relationship. Virgos must learn to be patient while the Geminians must learn to be stable to see the union flourish and thrive. If they both go in their own ways without trying to make the necessary adjustments, they are only sailing their union towards despair and break.
Gemini – Virgo compatibility score: 15%
Both Geminians are Librans are highly sociable and extroverts. Librans are highly empathetic and care for their loved ones so much. This factor contributes to the strength of their bond. In most issues of life, both of them can agree with each other with fewer problems and misunderstandings. Librans are highly passionate and they drench the Geminian in their love, care and deep passion. Bothe of the find happiness in the other person’s company and therefore they are never tired or bored of each other.
Gemini – Libra compatibility score: 80%
Geminians are highly intelligent. They are also very enthusiastic. However, they will get irritated by vengeful and jealously attitude. Scorpions annoy the Geminians with their possessiveness and jealously. The Scorpions wish to enjoy life inside the private chambers. The Geminians on the other hand are outgoing and garrulous. This tendency will be viewed by the Scorpions as flirtatious. Therefore there is hardly any good time they enjoy together. Geminians grow tired of the dominating nature of the Scorpions and feel the relationship is a burden on them. Hence this pair will find troubled days all through.
Gemini – Scorpio compatibility score: 25%
Both Geminians and Sagittarians are highly restless. They are prone to arguments. They can never stick to a single place or person for so long. Sagittarians love to participate in some social causes while the Geminians do not have the inclination or patience towards such things. Sagittarians are deeply philosophical but the Geminians take life as it comes and are bent towards enjoying it fully. Though there are a lot of incompatible elements between them, they will not find any difficulty in getting along since they both will be able to bring in some adaptability and understanding into their relationship.
Gemini – Sagittarius compatibility score: 50%
Geminians are highly impulsive and the Capricornians are very calm and composed. Capricornians love regularity, rules and set patterns in life which the Geminians will thoroughly hate such things and look for some difference and novelty. In order to find their relationship workable in the long run, the Geminians must learn to take things seriously in life and contribute their bit to the family. On the other hand, the Capricorns must come out of their shells to accommodate some variety and fun in life. If this happens, they can hope to minimize the problems between them and move on happily.
Gemini – Capricorn compatibility score: 25%
Aquarians highly admire the Geminian’s sense of humor and intelligence. They both share a lot of similar outlooks towards life. Geminians will like the creativity of the Aquarians and the Aquarians will never find it difficult to give the freedom expected by the Geminians. The one downside to their compatibility is their unpredictable nature. Also, the Aquarians must cultivate the art of romance in order to fuel the passion of the Geminians. Such small adjustments will make their match a highly successful one.
Gemini – Aquarius compatibility score: 80%
Geminians and Pisceans are highly resilient individuals. They are very much open to exploring new ideas, new people and novel things in life. They both but need to sort out the differences and move on as a team. The Pisceans are highly emotional and expect a lot from their partner. The Geminians will love to be outdoors and will feel family is a burden. The Pisceans will often complain that their partner is never caring for the family. While Pisceans are highly impractical, Geminians are down to earth and wants to make the most of their life. If the Geminians cultivate sensitiveness and the Pisceans are woken up into practicality, their love match will work out.
Aquarius – Pisces compatibility score: 15%