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Gemini in one Line - Intelligent, lively, quick, versatile, communicative but restless

Inborn Desire - To communicate

Gemini’s follow their intellect where their career is concerned. They will always pick a stream they need to put their intellect in use and which will let them ‘think’. Inventive and adventurous, it is important for a Gemini to find merit in their work for them to commit themselves to it. They make great teachers, debaters, writers, lawyers or preachers. They love coming up with solutions to problems at hand and excel in using the latest technology. Read more below...

Gemini Horoscope - Career

On the professional front, Gemini natives can convince anybody about anything. They are good communicators. They possess great enthusiasm. Routine is boring for them. Geminis are very quick in switching professions- if they feel that next job is more lucrative and rewarding. They excel in any line of work that provided them diversity. They can shine as a manager of the department or as a team leader. Wherever there is information to collect and disseminate, Geminis will be at the forefront. They are good at keeping an ear on ground, stay informed with the latest news, views, incidents and keep them up to date with latest happenings around. They have interest in varied jobs as they are active, alert and industrious. They can find new ways and methods of earnings and will have dual source of income in life.
Suitable profession and professional fields
The suitable professional industries for them include intellectual career involving mental activity, journalism, space research, air travel, air force, teaching, aeronautical, press and publication, gems, cotton textile, navigation, broadcasting, advertising, sales, IT, illustrations, media and TV, human recourse, postal services. They can excel as engineer, producers, commercial travelers, writers, broadcaster, commentator, teacher, operators’, salesman, personal assistants, agents, reporters, editor, solicitors, attendants, photographers, guides, personal assistants, cashier, receptionists, translators, barristers, counsel generals, engineering contractors, stationary dealers.
For them bank balance is not important. They have ability to raise money when needed. For this they don’t even hesitate to adopt questionable means. They are comfortable in borrowing and lending money. Not good with saving, money slip very easily through their fingers. They experience both privation and plenty during their life time. Gemini people have plenty of contacts and are clever at striking deals that they usually end up financially solvent and comfortable sooner or later. Gemini enjoy spending on things they love. They usually spent heavily on fashion in vogue, music and related items. They are shrewd at buy and selling and make profitable bets.
The young Gemini is influenced by movement, sounds and things around. They progress well known on speaking skills but they should work on developing listening skill. They do not like to remain and follow strict discipline. They are extremely restless. They know little about everything but often they find problem in concentrating on one single thing for long. They go by their own logics and rationale. This can sometime adversely hamper their prospects. They should learn to remain constant in their approach.
Discussed above are general professional behaviour of Gemini born individuals. But it has been observed that within Gemini sign only, If an individual is born between specific degree range- he or she is marked by characteristics and profession. Some of these are mentioned as-
Natives Born between 1 to 3 Degrees of Gemini Sun sign
Filled with ambition, spontaneity, desire to show and publicity, sensitive to opinions of others they excel in life as businessmen, artists or poets.
Natives Born between 3 to 6 Degrees of Gemini Sun sign
Good at imitation, acting, hypocrisy, emulation, importance they can excel in banking industry and as glass manufacturers.
Natives Born between 6 to 9 Degrees of Gemini Sun sign
Filled with dedication and determination these individuals can excel as scientists and thinkers.
Natives Born between 9 to 12 Degrees of Gemini Sun sign
Blessed with a sharp ear, having love of solitude and living a dignified life they can excel as scholars and musicians.
Natives Born between 12 to 15 Degrees of Gemini Sun sign
Good at repetition, organization, with interest in methods and division and love for tradition and possession they can excel as bankers, pawnbrokers, numismatists, ship-owners, anatomists, cytologists and criminologists
Natives Born between 15 to 18 Degrees of Gemini Sun sign
Industrious, pessimistic with interest in past these people can excel as chronologists and palaeontologists
Natives Born between 18 to 21 Degrees of Gemini Sun sign
Good at numbering and counting they can excel as economists, financiers, bankers, insurance managers, mathematicians.
Natives Born between 21 to 24 Degrees of Gemini Sun sign
Abided by regulations, sense of duty, honesty that excel as moral philosophers.
Natives Born between 24 to 27 Degrees of Gemini Sun sign
Blessed with sustained concentration, over specialization they can excel as hypnotists, tennis player, cricket or golf players, railway officers.
Natives Born between 27 to 30 Degrees of Gemini Sun sign
Blessed with expectant attitude, forethought they can excel as astrologers, prophets and statesmen.