Capricorn Man

The Capricorn Man

He may look an introvert but remember looks can deceive. Behind this calm and composed face, there lies a brain that is running at breath taking speed. How much ever you try, you cannot keep this goat quiet for he is overtly workaholic amongst all the signs of the zodiac.

Capricorn Man in Sexuality

The presence of Mars in his charts gives him immense sexuality by simultaneously the presence of Saturn in his charts, drives a Capricorn man to first build an emotional connect with his partner before getting attracted to her at a sexual level. Thus, the Capricorn man will never show his true emotions unless he connects with you on an emotional and psychological level.

Capricorn Man in Relationships

You can point your finger at a Capricorn man and infer, “Yes, indeed! This man is difficult.” The Capricorn man is too tricky to deal with as he can be extremely strict. If he doesn’t sense a true feeling of love, he will the most brash and inflexible person to deal with.

Capricorn Man in Love

He is a perfectionist when it comes to all things related to love. A Capricorn man will take you to all the right places, respect you, hold the door for you and pay for your cab. A strong, incredible and sophisticated man, a Capricorn man knows exactly what he wants and will leave no stone unturned to achieve his goals.

Capricorn Man in Compatibility

The Capricorn man makes a good pairing with a Virgo woman. This pair understands each other’s lifestyles and also holds an intuitive spark that helps keep the fire burning in their relationship. Since both are seekers of knowledge, don’t be surprised, if you learn that this love story started in a library.

Capricorn Man in Career

A Capricorn man strives on his work and for him being reliable and organizational matters the most. They hold an innate knack to work with numbers and do extremely well in careers related to accounting, financial planning, cashiering etc. While all of them may not do a Math major, some Capricorn men possess extremely strong artistic streaks too. Interior designing, art consultation or management, can not only fill up the Capricorn man’s wallet but also satisfy his heart to the core.

Capricorn Man in Business

Personifying the characteristics of the goat, the Capricorn man is practical, serious, cautions, materialistic and makes a great businessman. They attract lots of growth and prosperity during their entire business career. Moon in his charts, makes a Capricorn man shrewd, diplomatic, famous and wealthy in the profession of his choice. A Capricorn man enjoys building a business related to antiques, this could be selling or appraising of the artistic masterpieces. This man is madly in love with the computer, so much so that, it indeed feels that the computer was invented just to fulfill the needs of this man. They thoroughly enjoy the analytical aspect of coding and will not budge a bit while fixing errant coding bugs.