Capricorn Compatibility

Capricornians are very active and fast in life. Being the 10th sign in the zodiac chart, they are highly committed to responsibilities in life. They always like to prove their worth a step above their colleagues in life and at work. These hardworking individuals share a great wisdom about life and take a very thoughtful approach to life ensuring quality and productivity. They stand by the dictum, “Slow and steady wins the race”. Here we explore the compatibility of Capricorn with the twelve zodiac signs.
Both Arians and Capricornians are highly motivated in life. They struggle their ways forward to reach their goals in life. Arians love independence and creativity. On the other hand, the Capricornians like to follow a pre-defined path. They do not like to take risks in life. Arians never care about money and therefore wish to spend lavishly. Capricornians are worried of the future and so they wish to save. Since they do not have many things in common, they will need a high degree of tolerance and adjustment to get along together in life.
Capricorn – Aries compatibility score: 15%
Capricornians and Taurians are highly compatible with each other. They are deeply spiritual and philosophical too. They both share a high degree of practical approach to life. The Taurians are highly attracted by the ambitious and calm nature of the Capricornians. In the same way, the Capricornians admire the determination of the Taurians. As a team, they focus on other aspects of life and do not enjoy the zeal of life. Since they both can understand each other so very well, they enjoy a high degree of compatibility in life.
Capricorn – Taurus compatibility score: 80%
Geminians are highly impulsive in nature. Capricornians are on the other hand calm and composed. Therefore they have a sharp contrast in their nature. Capricornians are highly reserved and stick to rules and regulations meticulously. The Geminians will find it difficult to be constrained by the monotonous life. The Capricornians never mind the regular dull routine of life. The Geminians must learn to take things seriously and the Capricornians must turn towards the enjoyable aspects of life to achieve a balance.
Capricorn – Gemini compatibility score: 25%
Both these zodiac signs share several common traits. There are also several aspects in their personality that are sharply contrasting. It is very difficult to foresee what will be the outcome of a bond between a Capricornian and a Cancerian. The Capricornians are highly loyal and reliable too. They go that extra mile to satisfy the needs of the Cancerians by showing enough care and love. However, the moodiness of the Cancerians irritates the Capricornians. So, a lot of adjustments need to be done from both the sides to nurture their relationship.
Capricorn – Cancer compatibility score: 50%
There are no reasons to say that these two zodiac signs are compatible with each other. Leos like to revel in pomp, show and luxury. They like to rule. Capricornians are concerned about the future and so like to save money and make life simple. Capricornians are happy living the monotonous life aloof removed from the world. This can never be tolerated by the Lions. Leos are also highly sentimental and emotional. They must both work together to sort out the differences and understand the other person if the relationship must flourish and thrive.
Capricorn – Leo compatibility score: 25%
Both these partners have a high degree of compatibility since they never have problems in understanding the other person. Capricornians are highly careful and like to plan in advance. They move towards their goals slowly and steadily. Virogos have strong faith in their abilities. Since they have a serious attitude towards life, they cannot enjoy the romantic side of life. They are earnest and do not bother to cherish the happy moments of life. However, they are successful and happy as a couple.
Capricorn – Virgo compatibility score: 80%
There are no similarities that Capricornians and Librans share with each other. Librans are highly practical, frank and open minded. They make friends with all. Capricornians are introverts and stick on to monotonous life. They like to live simple and think high at the same time. Librans wish to enjoy every bit of life. Though the Librans try to make Capricornians happy, they find it difficult to uncover the feelings of the Capricornians. They must be patient and sincere to explore how to achieve compatibility.
Capricorn – Libra compatibility score: 15%
Capricornians and Scorpions have several things in common. They are obstinate, suspicious and also vindictive. Due to this, they can enter into frequent clashes. However, on the positive side, their differing traits are complementary to each other and therefore can contribute to their happy life too. Capricornians are highly emotional while the Scorpions are practical and stubborn. Though they cannot agree with each other in many things of life, they can both work for financial security. So, on some grounds they can find a harmonious bond.
Capricorn – Scorpio compatibility score: 85%
The reserved, impulsive and sincere Capricornians will find a lot of things uncommon with the Impatient, clever and frank Sagittarians. Sagittarians are for enjoyment. They are carefree and also jealous and suspicious. Capricornians like to be alone. They are loyal to their partners. Capricornians will render all the support necessary for the Sagittarians to move with their life. At the same time, the fun loving and sociable Sagittarians might feel bored with the Capricornian introverts. Both of them might try hard to sustain the relationship, but only in vain.
Capricorn – Sagittarius compatibility score: 25%
Capricornians are highly loyal and trustworthy. They possess strong perseverance in life. They always stick to their pre-defined paths and work hard to achieve their goals. Capricornians do not express their feelings so easily. They are calm and composed. When two Capricornians come together, they can share several things in common and can do their bit to satisfy their partner. In this way, they can hope to enjoy a high degree of compatibility.
Capricorn – Capricorn compatibility score: 82%
The judicial and active Capricornian is highly practical too. Aquarians are creative and like to do different things in life. They move with the wind and enjoy life on the move. They must work hard to complement each other’s downsides to strike a balance and take the union forward in a successful way. Due to their basic differences, they both are prone to enter into frequent conflicts. Therefore it is essential that they both do a team work to overcome their negative sides and ensure a happy life.
Capricorn – Aquarius compatibility score: 25%
There are a lot of things uncommon between these two zodiac signs. However, they can hope to enjoy their life together due to their complementary nature. Capricornians revel in a fanciful world. However, a Piscean is a day dreamer. Pisceans expect warmth and care. They like to be confined to their personal selves. Since both these partners can easily understand the needs of the other person, their relationship can thrive and blossom to maturity.
Aquarius – Pisces compatibility score: 85%