2019 Cancer Yearly Horoscope

Jan 01, 2019 to Dec 31, 2019

Your marital life will see some problems during this year but it will not be very serious. It will be more related to misunderstandings. In the year 2019 you can expect an interactive and emotionally sensitive year involving all sorts of relationship issues. This is a time of decision and preparation. It's important not to over react or be hasty in making decisions, since the supreme power wants you to seek peace and agreement as you flow with the tide.
It's a year to seek guidance or counseling on the difficult issues; to meditate, study, plan and assimilate the energies of life, not resist them. You are like a seed, newly planted. Your inner-core is just beginning to extend its root system so it can begin absorbing the life nutrients, necessary to your emotional growth. All new germinating seeds need spiritual and emotional nourishment to ensure proper growth.
Not much long distance Journeys indicated during this period but some short trips are possible
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