Cancer Woman

The Cancer Woman

She is ruled by the Moon, so expect her mood to change as per the waxing and waning of the moon. She is strong willed and persistent, can be highly stubborn or docile when rubbed the wrong way but at the same time, she can be so quiet that she will go unnoticed in a crowd. A Cancer woman is indeed a mystery and she unfolds her true self slowly and steadily.

Cancer Woman in Sexuality

Sexuality is a difficult topic for a typical Cancer woman thus she finds it extremely tough to express herself on this front. Once she falls for her man, it is highly unlikely that she will let him down or not make an attempt to understand his emotions.

Cancer Woman in Relationships

She is compassion personified, so will go all out in understanding her soul mate. She is a great listener and always makes it a point to put herself in other people’s shoes and safeguard their interests. In a way, she is highly motherly towards all her relations and makes every attempt to ward off any evils that may threaten the well-being of all her loved ones.

Cancer Woman in Love

This motherly streak of a Cancer woman can actually put her in a lot of trouble because sometimes her partner may not be able to reciprocate her undying selflessness. This can make her hurt easily and she may develop a hostile attitude towards him. But when she is in the mood, she loves to visit places that are romantic and intimate. While she prefers to stay away from the crowd, she likes to be with her gang of close buddies whom she knows well and is comfortable with.

Cancer Woman in Compatibility

A Cancer woman is extremely family oriented, loyal and trustworthy, so she needs to find herself a man who can share the same passion like her. A Cancer woman and Pisces man will click almost immediately. Together they both will share a unique emotional bond that will be hard to match with any other sun sign. A Pisces man is sure to be sensitive towards the needs of a loving Cancer lady and together they both can take their companionship to new heights.

Cancer Woman in Career

Since they are so family centric, the Cancer women make perfect contenders for careers in culinary fields. Also the ones to understand the needs of the society, these ladies are a good bet for roles such as small town mayors, clerks in government jobs, public relations employees etc.

Cancer Woman in Business

Gynecologist, pharmacist, nutritionist – thanks to their deep connections with families, a Cancer woman essays these roles beautifully. Gifted with diplomacy, they also make good politicians and leaders of societal changes etc. These women also run businesses around kinder garden franchise, nurseries and other such roles effortlessly. Somebody who analyses each situation across all corners and is quiet prudent in her decision-making, a Cancer woman also shines bright in roles such as restaurant owners, real estate consultants, clothes and toy designers etc.