Cancer Marriage Horoscope

A Cancer takes his/her relationships very seriously and this year is no different. During the early days of 2018, the level of their intimacy will be higher which will more or less stabilize as the months go by. This year will keep the Crab on the go – so be ready for many short distance journeys, says your astrology chart. Come out to the fore and don’t feel shy, is the advice for the Cancer native this year. This year the element of romance will also prosper for you.

You may try to hide your romantic streaks for a couple of months but eventually it will surface on the horizon. Marriage may be on the cards too! Get ready to meet an astrology expert for couple horoscope match…

Blossoming Love

Be ready for a brilliant love life this year. All your desires and aspiration on this front are looking to get accomplished in 2018. Life in 2018 is good rather great, thanks to the efforts of your partner and better half. In numerous instances this year, you will be making the first move. Enjoy life to the fullest without feeling guilty and savor in the lovely moments as they occur. Your love compatibility will be on the rise, be ready for lots of passion, cuddling and embraces, thanks to the effect of the Venus-Mars conjunction.

Marriage will be bliss if planned now as per horoscope parameters.

Be sensitive

If already in a relationship steer away from sensitive topics as they can have an impact on your relationships. Your horoscope suggests that you communicate your thoughts in a conducive and convincing manner to get a consensus from your partner. The second half of the year looks more promising than the first half. Think before you leap. If you are Cancer man in love, express your romantic feelings to better your relationships. Some of you may experience misunderstanding and differences of opinion hence avoid clinging to your partner, giving them some much needed space and a chance to voice their opinions too. In a nutshell, be careful, reasonable and flexible. If haven’t been able to do so up until now, relax, the stars of 2018 will help you achieve this easily.

The same applies to your marriage, i.e. if you are already married or plan to be married within this year. Horoscope analysis is a must.

Social bee

Both the Cancer man and woman will be socially very active this year. You are sure to bump into many like-minded people this 2018, as you stride confidently towards the journey called life. Things are likely to accelerate and move at a very fast pace, so don’t get overwhelmed. Just go with the flow, you sure are moving in the right direction. You are known for your emotional outbursts, but this year try to stay calm and composed, introspecting the situations as they unfold. You should be able to kiss and make up, mending many broken relationships this year.

Think of it as a trial run before marriage – if you can’t patch up now how will you manage your marital life?

Marriage on the cards

For people already in a relationship, chances of a marriage seem to brighten up between June and October. But if you are on the look-out of that ideal man or woman, this may not be the most productive year. But don’t lose hope. You can try your hand at arranged marriage too. But a horoscope check is mandatory.

Starting a family

Couples trying to make a family could face some trying times this year. Speaking to an astrologer to suggest remedies on this front is much recommended.