Cancer Man

The Cancer Man

Shy and mysterious, the Cancer man is reclusive and will take his own sweet time to open up. Just like a crab, he will slowly make his move and will catch his partner unawares.

Cancer Man in Sexuality

Thanks to the presence of Lord Mars in his charts, the Cancer man is always a slow initiator when it comes to matters close to the heart. Though, the Cancer man yearns to be the best man in the world, he finds it genuinely difficult to showcase his true talents to the real world. To bring out his true sexuality, his partner needs to make him feel loved, maintain continuous eye contact with him and be the one who continuously touches his emotional side.

Cancer Man in Relationships

A Cancer man makes a connection with his lover at a deep level. He is extremely sensitive to his partner’s needs and ensures that she is well taken care of. In matters of conflict, he will, in almost all instances, maintain a calm and composed spirit.

Cancer Man in Love

The Cancer man loves to keep his love life simple and straightforward. He generally tries to lead his life by his set rules and ideologies which may initially not be well accepted by his lover. His lady needs to be ready for she will see most of his insecurities surface out during the initial days of courtship. But with a little bit of understanding, things should stabilize quickly. He is soft, compassionate and will easily show you his emotional side once he starts trusting you.

Cancer Man in Compatibility

A Cancer man makes a dashing pair with a Pisces woman. The emotions of both these signs run far and deep. The fish and crab are both accustomed to the water and can be content with one and another as they float on the waves of life. For their relationship to flourish and grow, one of the signs needs to be more grounded and have a practical bent of mind to make this a once in a lifetime kind of a relationship.

Cancer Man in Career

Loyalty is the strongest trait of a Cancer man. Dependability and Adaptability are a close second. These men are highly supportive and are great listeners too. Writing, music, art, music are best suited careers for a Cancer man.

Cancer Man in Business

Though they are blessed with a creative bent of mind it absolutely doesn’t imply that they are not business-minded. They hold the innate capability to build their business empires thanks to their perseverance, highly intuitive attitude and great communication and social skills. They hold the knack to envision what their customers need even before the customers realize what they want. A career that gives them an interesting blend of creativity and a good usage of business acumen works reasonable well with them. Financial security and independence means a lot to a Cancer man and thus he will go all out to ensure that his business venture is super successful. Cancer men also make very good providers for their families, so they will always ensure that their family gets the best of the worldly comforts.