Cancer Finance Horoscope

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. Moon is the Lord of this sign. The characteristics and various life aspect of a person is highly focused by the position of Moon in the horoscope. In finance astrology 2017, the monetary position will be stable during this month. In this year, you will try to create new source of income. You will reap the reward of your hard work. Leo, ruler Sun, rules your wealth house: Pisces, ruler Jupiter: and Taurus, ruler Venus. The positions of these three are crucial in determining your wealth and financial position during the year 2017. Finance horoscope for Cancer 2017 is stable and your financial status will be quite good during this year.

Finance Astrology for Cancer

Luck and fortune will await you this year, it’s not advisable to accept a windfall. You have to work hard for the fruitful results. Do bite whatever you can chew, don’t overdo anything. The money invested in the government organization or department will come back to you. This is a good time for long-term favorable investment. The end of the year is going to be very fruitful.

No doubt, this will be a turbulent year for Cancer as Uranus is situated in your house of career and profession. It can bring some hurdles in your revenue growth as first pocket of revenue comes from the career house.

Cancer’s house of work and Cancer’s house of career both are dominated by Saturn and Uranus respectively. These two will form a harmonious relation throughout the year, so you will reap the benefit of these two good conjugations. You can start old pending projects into a new one. The projects that began in year 2015 might get a good start and a marvelous finishing line. It can enter into a consolidating stage and an idea that you put to halt might get a new start. But it is necessary to cultivate patient in your attitude – because during 2017, slower to come in, you’ll have to wait for first six to seven months.

The presence of Saturn in your 6th house will make you more dedicated to take on new responsibilities. You’ll feel more delighted by new engagements and new projects in your hands. There is a chance of collaborations, new partnerships. In the workplace, you may be exhausted due to ill health of your subordinate or your colleague.

During March 4 –April 13, Venus is retrograde in Cancer’s house of career. Venus rules your house of wealth; therefore, it will help you to be in a limelight. It can help you revise your plans and projects. It can create the best possible conditions for your financial growth and freedom.

Mercury will follow Venus during April 21 – May 4 2017, will also move backwards causing a messed up situation in your house of career and money. It’s now better to deal and analyze and future financial prospect with details. Think twice before any huge investment.

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