Cancer Compatibility

The water sign Cancer occupies the fourth position in the zodiac chart. Cancerians love family and domestic affairs so much. For them the boundary of the family is the whole world and they are prepared to do everything for their family. Nurturing and taking care of their beloved ones is the top priority for Cancerians. They are highly sensitive, harmonious and dedicated. They are very quick in extending their empathetic hands to help others. They never like to engage in conflicts and this makes them quiet and lovable individuals. Here we discuss the compatibility issue between Cancer and other zodiac signs.
Cancerians expect their male partner to take care of the family and involve in domestic affairs. They like to be protected and cared for. They need strong and highly responsible partners. In this regard, Arians can never satisfy their expectations. Arians love independence and freedom. They like to explore outdoor life and hate being confined inside the portals of the family. When the Cancerians want them to support the family in every small issue, the Arians feel their freedom is at stake and they are irritated. Their approaches and views of life are entirely different and therefore they can never co-exist peacefully in family life.
Cancer – Aries compatibility score: 15%
Cancerians and Taurians are cool, calm and composed. They are highly sensitive and like to fill their life with cozy experiences. They both can really work together to make life so wonderful. They both are equally caring and empathetic. They succeed in making a lot of friends and enrich their lives with their support and care. Both of them have a lot of qualities in common and so, they can enjoy each other’s company. They are often engrossed into their private worlds forgetting the surroundings. We can say this is one of the best matches in astrology.
Cancer – Taurus compatibility score: 85%
This pair does not have many similarities. Therefore they might not enjoy their union. They have their own independent approaches to life. Cancerians like to act while Geminians like to talk. However, the humor, wit and intelligence of the Geminian will attract the Cancerian. Cancerian will contribute the much needed depth and comfort to the family. The Geminians must control their flirtatious nature to win the confidence and trust of their Cancerian partner. This will bring some harmony in family, which shall otherwise prove difficult to achieve.
Cancer – Gemini compatibility score: 25%
Cancerians are highly emotional as well as compassionate. They frequently face mood swings and feel highly attached to their families. They are highly sensitive and get hurt facing anger and comments. If they are not shown enough care and cuddling, they remain in their private worlds under tears and mum. They do not share their feelings and sentiments so easily with others. The positive and negative traits of both the Cancerians will act on the relationship. Though two Cancerians are highly compatible, they must do their bit to understand and accommodate the needs of the other person to maintain the relationship.
Cancer – Cancer compatibility score: 82%
Cancerians and Leos are sharply different in their attitudes towards life. Leo wants to rule the home as well as the society where they are. The Cancerians are satisfied to remain a follower and enjoy the care and comfort provided by their partner. This tendency might bring about a happy marriage. The Leo wants to be praised. They both like to be in each other’s company. At times, the sensitive side of the Cancerian and the pride of the Leos are hurt by the other partner. Such situations will cause some clashes and misunderstandings. This must be avoided to nurture the bond.
Cancer – Leo compatibility score: 25%
Cancerians are slow to react to life and its problems. Virgos are highly logical and patient. They both can make one of the best matches on the earth despite their differences since those differences are complementary in nature. Cancerians have some sharp features which attract the Virgos. At the same time, their mood swings irritate the Virgos. The practical outlook and simplicity of the Virgos please Cancerians and the Virgos are drawn towards the compassion and love of Cancerians. Therefore they will form a very good match for a lifetime.
Cancer – Virgo compatibility score: 85%
Librans love harmony. They are outgoing and help people during need. On the other hand, Cancerians are moody and highly emotional. These partners can never meet the other person’s expectations. Librans like to move around, while the Cancerians like to stay within the portals of the family life. While coming together, the Cancerian and Libran might not be able to experience the much needed intimacy in their wedded life. The highly practical and extrovert Librans cannot understand the Cancerian’s emotional needs. Therefore this cannot be a successful pair.
Cancer – Libra compatibility score: 15%
Cancerians are highly sensitive, moody and too much emotional in nature. They are also caring and tenacious. Cancerians can pair very well with Scorpions. Scorpions take a great delight in protecting and caring for the Cancerians for which the crab is highly thankful. The Cancerian will in turn compliment their Scorpion partner with the much needed love and affection they have been pining to get for a long time. They both are also attached to each other with a powerful sexual attraction. The Cancerians will successfully manage the possessive and jealous nature of the Scorpions and take the bond forward successfully.
Cancer – Scorpio compatibility score: 80%
The simple and frank Scorpions are highly intelligent too. Cancerians are highly vulnerable individuals. They are also empathetic and help the needy during the crucial times. Sagittarians are often blunt. They cannot understand the needs and feelings of the Cancerians. Though the Sagittarians can provide the comfort and pleasures that the Cancerians will expect in life, they will find it very difficult to understand the mood swings of the Cancerians. While a Sagittarian likes to wander freely, the Cancerian likes to stick to home. Once a common understanding is developed, they manage to sustain their relationship.
Cancer – Sagittarius compatibility score: 25%
Capricornians and Cancerians enjoy several characteristics in common. There are also equally contrasting qualities that they share. Therefore their relationship is filled with mixed prospects. It is difficult to predict the outcome of the partnership between a Cancerian and a Capricornian. Capricornians are highly reliable and loyal too. However, the extreme emotions and mood changes of the Cancerians irritate them. Though the Capricornians cannot provide the care and protection expected by the Cancerians, there exists a good romantic chemistry between these partners. Cancer – Capricorn compatibility score: 50%
Aquarians love freedom and exploring new things in life. The Cancerians are highly sensitive and cannot hold on to the Aquarians who are very stubborn. Cancerians expect security and warmth from their partners. However, their secretive nature will make the Cancerians irritated. Aquarians are more outdoor life oriented. They often forget about their family responsibilities and revel in their external pursuits. This will highly irritate the Cancerians and create a strong misunderstanding between them. Astrology does not advise pairing these zodiac signs. If needed, they must develop a great understanding and overcome several limitations.
Cancer – Aquarius compatibility score: 25%
Both these water signs can respect and accommodate the other partner’s needs and feelings. Cancerians will draw so much inspiration from their Piscean partner. Pisceans are highly perceptive and caring. They will provide the much needed support, care and protection required by the Cancerians. At the same time, Pisceans are very weak and highly sensitive. At times, they can also be rebellious and strong. Cancerians will love Pisceans passionately. This is one of the best matches we can ever find.
Cancer – Pisces compatibility score: 80%