Aries Personality Horoscope

Aries in one Line - Enthusiastic, youthful, courageous, hopeful and selfish

Inborn Desire - To lead

Individuals born under the Aries Sun Sign are fiercely independent. Taking orders from other is something they hate as they prefer following the mantra of ‘my way or the highway’. They are moody, given to childish mood swings, and can be stubborn. Personality-wise, they may come across as self-centred, often not caring about other people’s feelings, spoilt brats and bossy. But they are not good liars and can be caught easily. Beneath their tough exterior, lies insecurity and this may be the reason why they wish to succeed above anything else. Know more about the Aries Personality below...

Aries Horoscope-Personality

What Aries Born Individual Enjoy
Quick to act and adventurous, Aries enjoy fast cars and long drives. They are energized by action movies, wild parties and team games. Largest gadgets, mind games and electronic chess are their passion. Adventure sports, travelling to new places, camping always remains on top of their interest list.
Positive Traits
Dynamic, original, independent, creative, forceful, pioneer, adventurer, enterprising, courageous, assertive, frank, ambitious, filled with self confidence, leaders, can take risk for others
Negative Traits
Fickle-minded, quick tempered, restless, unsubtle, impulsive, impatient, quarrelsome, aggressive, stubborn, brash and intolerant.
Handwriting Style
Usually the handwriting style of Aries born individuals is stiff, rigid with sharp angles and has narrow hooks. Usually the words slant towards right but in between they can be upright. The words are often connected as three or four. The strokes are thick and are separated lavishly. Most of Aries born draw thick line after signing their signature.
Physical Attributes
Arians are likely to have a flashing smile, piercing round eyes that move quickly from one to another object, bushy eye brows that usually grow and meet in middle, skin or hair has reddish hue, a muscular body, and an agile quick movement to their step. Aries born usually have a slender stature, long face and neck, head broad at temples and narrow at chin. They may have a mole or scar on head or temples, well set teeth and developed bones. They have round eyes, which are slightly cooper colored and weak knees. Arians usually dress smart or sporty. Arians are fond of hot food and vegetables, they eat quickly and sparingly, of amorous disposition and fond of opposite sex, their sexual-drive is high. Arians require adequate rest and good nutrition to replenish all energy the love.
Mental Tendencies
Aries often listen to their mind and have an acute power of infiltration. They are outspoken, alert, and quick to act and speak. They prefer to lead others. They do not like subordination and wish to be leaders in thought and action. They do not hesitate to change whatever they dislike. They cannot wait patiently for opportunities to come by but aim to go and create them for fulfilment of their desires. Consistency is not their virtue. They are blessed with scientific and logical abilities. They are wilful, impulsive and often driven by their instincts. Good at arguments, they seldom resort to violence. Arians are ambitious with lot of drive and passion to direct others. They are good at taking charge of situations and subordinates. Fiercely independent, they usually take the side of the little guy in any controversy. They are champions of lost causes and losing battles. This trait is due to a strong belief in their abilities to turn any situation around. They will never sacrifice their personal desires for others. They will stick to their own views. Though self centred but relationships balance them out. They are tenacious and purposeful. Their accent is on the ends and not on the means. A daredevil by nature, they are driven by passion, direct, outspoken and decisive sums up the sign.
Parts of Body Ruled and Health
Aries rules the head and face except nasal area, hence these areas are considered to be the weakest part of body for them Aries sign also signifies muscles like occipitals, detriments auricular, buccinators, frontal attolens, temporal and Zygomaticus. Arteries like internal carotids, temporal carotids and cephalic veins also come under governance of sign Aries. Prone to migraines, headaches, nervous disorders, depression, indigestion, sunstroke, and neuralgia, Aries suffer from many head-related injuries. They are impetuous, rash in their behaviour and this can lead them to physical injuries and accidents. They must indulge in plenty of liquids to cool their body and flush out the toxins.
Discussed above are General attributes of Aries born individuals. But it has been observed that within Aries sign only, If an individual is born between specific degree range- he or she is marked by notable features. Some of these are mentioned as-
Natives Born between 1 to 5 Degrees of Aries Sun sign
Thin, middle stature, low but broad forehead, high cheeks, narrow chin, hooked nose, reddish or dark hair, swarthy red complexion, black eyes.
Natives Born between 5 to 10 Degrees of Aries Sun sign
Steady eyes, big boned, lean, brown or swarthy complexion, long visage, mole or mark on face, pleasant face.
Natives Born between 10 to 15 Degrees of Aries Sun sign
Moderately lean, middle height, long visage, dark hair, good face, Gray eyes.
Natives Born between 15 to 20 Degrees of Aries Sun sign
Moderate stature, well proportionate, round face, light brown hair, gray or black eyes, high forehead.
Natives Born between 20 to 25 Degrees of Aries Sun sign
Middle stature, dark hair, dark skin, long hair, distorted teeth, bent legs, whole body hooks forward.
Natives Born between 25 to 30 Degrees of Aries Sun sign
Tall, austere countenance, thick eye brows, curly black hair, wide mouth, large nose, well set body, scar or mole on face.