Aries Man

The Aries Man

One of the easiest sun signs to understand and comprehend, the Aries man is an interesting combination of fearless maturity and indisciplinary kind of childishness. Extremely extrovert, assertive, and action-oriented, the Aries man always wants to be in charge. When he gets into his skin, he cherishes being a boss, an investigator, and a warrior who is always on the prowl.

Aries Man in Sexuality

He has it all so why will he not flaunt it! An Aries man is macho, loves to take the initiative and is extremely conscious of his body. Thanks to his impulsive streak, he has very little patience for insecurities or lack of confidence, so if you are in love with an Aries man, go all out and pronounce to him how madly you love him.

Aries Man in Relationships

A typical loner, relationships are not easily understood by the Aries man. He generally finds it difficult to connect with his partner at an emotional level or feel compassionate towards her. He tends to find a strong affinity towards women who are intelligent, fiercely independent, and socially abreast with all the worldly happenings.

Aries Man in Love

He is an extremist when it comes to matters close to the heart. On one hand as a warrior, he will go all out and try to conquer and fight for his love and on the other hand, if he loses his heart in something, he will become reclusive, distance himself, stop communicating, and get angry on the pettiest of things. Not a big romantic at heart, he is quiet old-fashioned in love. He likes to do things his way and expect his love to follow suit – he will buy red roses even if he knows that you like lilies just because he loves the color red. On a date, expect him to order the items he likes of the menu.

Wild at heart, he will prefer to take you to bed every single time he sees you. His sexual behavior is impulsive. Always wanting to be in control, he likes to make all the moves in style expecting his partner to follow suit in his own magical ways. Anticipate his phone conversations to be short and sweet and messages from him to be an extremely rare affair.

Aries Man in Compatibility

When he falls for you, expect a lot of fireworks! He is most likely to have a time of his life with a Taurus woman. Being highly compatible, they complement one another beautifully. The Aries man will help his love to come out of her comfort zone and experiment with new things while conversely, the Taurus woman will make her man slow down and savor the minute intricacies of life.

Aries Man in Career

An Aries man who has a strong Sun or Moon in his charts will make a good executive at work. He can also pursue careers like politics, education, merchandising, and medicine. An Aries man is a good contender for government related jobs too and will do well in careers related to military, technology, mechanics, and fire fighting related jobs.

Aries Man in Business

For the Aries man who is always on the job – sincerity and commitment towards his business endeavors is pivotal. High on self-esteem and self-confidence, this man is very enterprising when it comes to his business initiatives. Since leadership qualities come naturally to him, an Aries man does wonders in his area of business.