Aries Compatibility

Aries is the first zodiac sign and those belonging to this group deem themselves as the first in everything. Arians are known for their fiery nature. They are also highly exuberant. They have an impressive personality and strong leadership qualities. They look towards life so optimistically. They like to take the lead in starting new things in life and society. They like to travel in the path that is highly uncommon and prove their merit in a zealous way. Here we discuss the compatibility of the twelve zodiac signs with Aries.
Arians are known for the relentless fighting nature. They value privacy more than anything else in life. They always have a tendency to protect their identity. Since they share several things in common, two Arians can make a successful pair. Through their extrovert and straightforward nature, they will be true to each other and enjoy the other person’s company so very well. Though they are easily hurt, they forget and forgive others quickly. In this way, they will never have big quarrels in life. They can love each other so passionately.
Aries – Aries compatibility score: 82%
Arians make hasty decisions in life. On the other hand, Taurians are highly thoughtful and approach life in a deep manner. Due to their impulsive nature the Arians are prone to make mistakes in life. During every such occasion, the Taurians will criticize them which can ruin their peace and harmonious existence. They never like to listen to the other person and start feeling the relationship as a burden and so this relationship might not work well.
Aries – Taurus compatibility score: 25%
Both an Arian and Gemini love variety in life. They can never stick to the normal routine. Both of them look forward to freedom and some personal space. They will never have any trouble in giving this to the other person. They can easily get along with the other person so happily and successfully. Geminians are slow in conversation which irritates the Arians. By overcoming the limitations of their personalities, they can satisfy the other person easily and win their love and trust.
Aries – Gemini compatibility score: 85%
Astrology finds Cancerians expecting intimacy with their partner. They like to be protected by their soul mate. While Arians seek an adventurous social life and freedom from the clutches of the family, the Cancerians complain that they are callous and irresponsible. Arians must teach Cancerians how to be independent. The Cancerians must teach Arians how to be empathetic to the needs of others. Arians must control their tendency to criticize which will prevent the Cancerians from being hurt. If they are prepared to come out of their innate limitations and understand the other person, they can hope to live successfully failing which they will end up ruining their relationship very soon.
Aries – Cancer compatibility score: 15%
Lions are generous in life. Arians are outgoing personalities. They both share several things in common. They both crave for fun, immersing into romance and a lot of excitement in life. The Arians do not like to interfere too much into the life of the Leo and in turn the Leo feels comfortable to allow the Arian to be free. Leo’s charismatic personality and great ideas attract the Arian. However, since both of them are egoistic, they are prone to enter into misunderstandings often. They must learn to compromise with each other so that they can take their relationship forward successfully.
Aries – Leo compatibility score: 80%
Both Arians and Virgos are honest. Though they both share a magnetic relationship, how long it can last is very much uncertain. Arians cannot digest criticism. Arians are impulsive in nature. The Virgos on the other hand keep brooding over things for a long time before taking a decision. Arians like to spend lavishly while the Virgos wish to save for future and be over conscious regarding spending. Arians must avoid being rash and the Virgo must stop criticizing to see the union succeed.
Aries – Virgo compatibility score: 25%
An Arian and a Libran are strongly attracted towards each other. Arians decide things hastily without thinking about the pros and cons. Librans thoroughly weigh every situation in life and decide things judiciously. Though they lack the power to make strong decisions, they do not hesitate to take the views of the other person. They do have some things in common. If they try to overcome their differences and work for a common goal, they can form a successful union eventually.
Aries – Libra compatibility score: 50%
Arians and Scorpions can always stand by justice. Scorpions love intimacy while an Arian hates it. The big trouble in their relationship is this. An Arian forgets things so easily and forgives others. A Scorpion is vengeful and never forgets anything easily. Therefore during most times, they will have problems in understanding the other person. If they overcome this limitation, they can be successful in life as a team.
Aries – Scorpio compatibility score: 25%
Arians and Sagittarians can make a highly compatible pair. Their union will be filled with a lot of excitement, romance and passionate love. They share several traits in common to come together on common grounds and enjoy life together as a team. They both can enjoy the company of each other and can stand together to face the hardships of life. They both love adventures and can give the much needed freedom to the other person. Hence their union with be a successful one.
Aries – Sagittarius compatibility score: 80%
Both these partners are highly motivated. Arians have a lot of creativity and like to enjoy freedom and an adventurous spirit. Capricornians like to follow a pre-defined path without deviation. They do not like to take risks in life. Arians like to spend lavishly, but Capricornians like to save for future. They must develop a lot of tolerance to the other person and cultivate a good understanding to move on successfully in life as a team.
Aries – Capricorn compatibility score: 15%
Arians and Aquarians can enjoy a highly exciting relationship. They both love fun, enjoyment and freedom and so can enjoy each other’s company. At the same time, Arians need more space. Arians love the innovative ideas of the Aquarians while Aquarians admire the spontaneity of the Arians. They have a high degree of compatibility which they must nurture with their mutual contribution.
Aries – Aquarius compatibility score: 85%
Pisceans can make Arians both happy as well as sorrowful from time to time. The highly sensitive and emotional Pisceans always bother their Aries partner with their complaints. Arians like to dominate their Piscean partner and admire their gentleness and soft nature. If the Arians contribute their knowledge and the Pisceans give their love to nurture the relationship, their union can emerge successfully.
Aries – Pisces compatibility score: 25%