Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius Woman

This sun sign breathes opposition. An Aquarius woman is in a constant conflict with her inner battles. She craves for respect but doesn’t realize that she doesn’t need to fight all the time for her rights. She yearns for inner peace and happiness. Once she is hurt, she goes into her shell and moves on with her life showcasing a rational approach towards all people and situations.

Aquarius Woman in Sexuality

Not someone who believes in the blind rules of the society, an Aquarius woman seeks a man who is as interesting as her. In most situations, she prefers to call the shots irrespective of what people say or believe. Highly experimental in all sexual endeavors, she loves to display her intimacy in some of the strangest of places. Narrow-minded men turn her off.

Aquarius Woman in Relationships

If you are falling for an Aquarius woman forget stability and security for this lady loves excitement and is highly unpredictable. While she will move mountains for the man she loves don’t try to tie her down because she will revolt.

Aquarius Woman in Love

She loves to do extreme things so don’t be surprised if she indulges in bungee jumping, hot air ballooning or is see enjoying a sexual experience in public. She loves to break the rules because she believes in living her life based on her own terms and conditions. Dates with her are full of excitement with no routine and boredom whatsoever.

Aquarius Woman in Compatibility

She may become your friend quickly but can take eons of months to become your girlfriend. Since she is free-spirited she doesn’t crave for much attention and prefers a relationship with sun signs that hold an independent air around themselves. The airy Aquarius lady should avoid an association with the much grounded Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus. However, she can expect a good partnership with an Aries or a Libra man.

Aquarius Woman in Career

She is a great planner, so an Aquarius woman should seek a profession that allows her to use this skill-set to the fullest. Don’t expect this lady to do data compilation or engage in routine-like, repetitive tasks. She is an objective problem solver and a great negotiator, so she plays the role of a mediator effortlessly. She is extremely intelligent so can make a good rocket scientist too. She can get so engrossed in her work that she will only dream of codes and numbers and refrain from getting married too.

Aquarius Woman in Business

An Aquarius woman can make a great astrologer. The main reason behind this is that this is one profession which is an interesting amalgamation of intelligence and intuition, both of which are available in abundance in a typical Aquarius woman. Engineering related businesses also catch her fancy. Since she enjoys everything extreme, she loves to pick up business endeavors that involve climbing on high skyscrapers amidst high winds, working in extreme warm or cold weather or diving deep into the ocean’s bed. These girls also love to use their intelligence to help others so they make great weatherpersons too. They will use all kinds of satellite images, complex technologies and analyze data to predict the weather.