Aquarius Man

The Aquarius Man

Don’t mistaken the Aquarius man for a tender water boy, he is smart, he is mature, extremely liberal and highly independent. Highly genuine in thought, word and deed, he will go the extra mile to make the world a better place. This man loves to travel and he generally goes on long treks, unusual and exotic locations and prefers to completely ignore the traditional and conventional getaways.

Aquarius Man in Sexuality

Somebody who doesn’t shy away from flaunting his sexuality, the Aquarius man expects his partner to follow suit with all his insane thoughts. His sexual appetite is huge and he is highly innovative and creative when it comes to expressing his love.

Aquarius Man in Relationships

Sometimes an Aquarius man can be difficult to deal with. His Sun can act like a detriment and make him vulnerable to all kinds of problems with regards to respect and importance. He generally doesn’t get hurt easily but if somebody continues to disrespect him, he will distance himself and act detached.

Aquarius Man in Love

He can act like a weirdo when he is dating you. Perennially late, expect him to keep you waiting on your first, second and even your third date. Not someone who is highly meticulous with his looks, he will make you wonder if you should indeed be with him.

Aquarius Man in Compatibility

If you are a Gemini, you are sure to catch the Aquarius man’s attention. This pair is socially very vibrant and is always on the lookout of excitement and change. The Gemini woman will surely love the creative spark, originality and the brilliant mind of a typical Aquarius Man. Both of you open up your wings and soar high because the sky is the limit when the two of you are together.

Aquarius Man in Career

An Aquarius man is generally misunderstood. These men are natural thinkers and thus attract positions like head of business, head of governments etc. These men are independent and extremely high-minded in thought, word, and deed. They literally worship thinkers, scholars and deeply intellectual souls. In career related matters, the duo of Capricorn and Aquarius does extremely well. Both are very prudent with their planning and do so with a practical and reasonable bent of mind rather than an emotional one.

Aquarius Man in Business

Being naturally grey headed, the Aquarius men do very well in businesses catering to public relations, research, astrology, computer hardware, expertise in automobiles, atomic and space research, airplane mechanics, dealers of metals etc. They hardly interfere in the matters of others and also prefer that other people give them their much needed space. The Aquarius and Taurus business partnership is quiet good and highly effective. They both hold high levels of professionalism and technical expertise which generally attracts heaps of success for both of them. But both these sun signs have to be appreciated, else their quality of work will dramatically suffer and eventually they will be forced to part ways.