2019 Aquarius Love Horoscope

Jan 01, 2019 to Dec 31, 2019
Aquarius is sign of sociability and friendliness and this year 2019 enhances it a lot. You can find yourself attending social gatherings and surrounded by friends. You feel stimulative and energetic when you are with people. A sense of glamour and mystery may be incorporated into persona. This period provides ability for recognizing and/or overcoming problems.

However, nothing will be given to you without some effort on your part. You have to exercise considerable care and responsibility and pay attention to what others require of you and the commitments you have made to them. This is not a 'lucky' in the ordinary sense of the word, but it can be exceedingly fortunate for you, if you work hard to make it so. Singles may find potential lovers either on social network unexpectedly. The cosmic help is there to expand your wings in field of love. The negative side of the year is doubt and inertia that prevents you from making desirable change.

If this is so, then the things will move like that you will be forced into a more radical change later on- possibly during the end of the year or the beginning of the next year. For married ones, this year suggests to handle the external issues with proper analytical power that may spoil the relations. This year indicates a stressful situation involving some sort of parting, leaving or separation – if you are already going through tensions in your relations. Tempers may flare and disagreements are likely especially if your partner is trying to be bossy with you. This is the year with high energy where you are suggested to avoid driving or handling any weapon or mechanical equipment when upset, as they may cause injury to you.

Aquarius Horoscope - Love and Relationship

Among twelve signs of zodiac, natives born with Aquarius sun sign are most unpredictable and highly independent. Aquarius lack commitment in relationships. One has to go a long way to make the relationship work. Seldom jealous, they believe in equality of souls. They uphold and encourage individuality. Though unemotional they are blessed with strong passions. Aquarius born are intelligent and always prefer educated and equally intelligent partners. They prefer permanent and strong attachments. They might not show their love and are cold, hence their partners may feel isolated. But they are very humane, kind, sympathetic, accommodative, and generous. Aquarius are always lively, good, harmonious, high spirited and cheerful. They have many reliable, sincere and good friends. They gel well with those who are social equals and are shrewd and studious. When they fall in love they fall heavily and there is no looking back. They desire their partner to be different from others; be it lifestyle, beliefs, outlook etc. They want partners who let them do what they want to do. There can be plenty of disagreements and lot of amicable discussion in their relations.
Aquarius Parent
Aquarian Sun Sign born natives are usually unpredictable parents who nurture their child according to parenting practices in vogue. They are never hesitant to use latest aids, foods etc. to rear a child that claim to enhance personality and intelligence of child. On positive note they always respect individuality and provide ample space and opportunities to child to grow.
Aquarius Children
Aquarian Sun Sign born children act as per their wish and mood in initial years. It is hard to describe their mind set. Often they are comfortable in known environment and are benefited from stable conditions. They can’t stick to a routine educational pattern. They can excel well in unconventional settings where they can try their hand and mind on experimentation, inventions and explorations.
Below are different possible pairing of Aquarius Sign
Aquarius and Aries Compatibility
Great, lovely and suitable match of these two mates makes this relationship special one. Both are very active, faithful, ambitious, fun loving, adventurous and have similar interests. Both try to understand each other in every aspect and none of the two tries to dominate the other. At times, Aquarian allows Arien to be leader depending on his mood. Aries never feels secure under Aquarius.
Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility
Taurus is possessive and jealous; Aquarius is careless and carefree. Airy Aquarius feels difficult to provide security to possessive Taurus. Aquarius thinks for others but Taurus is self-centered and selfish. Taurus appreciates Aquarius erratic approach while Aquarius is drawn away by Taurus stability. Their relationship works on their priorities as they are completely opposite to each other.
Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility
The couple had common interests and intelligent minds to converse with each other, which makes this relationship quite fascinating and stable. The only problem between them is that they are considered to be best friends rather than great lovers. They are neither jealous with each other nor they have different ways of thinking. Both had similar taste and both enjoy in the company of each other.
Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility
Possessive and sensitive Cancer tries to tie down freedom and fun loving Aquarius. Cancerean feels neglected and insecure with an Aquarian partner. Careless and affectionate Aquarian does not want a home to stay and loves to wander away. The opposite nature of these two mates makes this match little bit hard and difficult to survive for long time.
Aquarius and Leo Compatibility
Relationship starts like a burning fire between these two mates whose flames settles down slowly after a while. These are two opposite signs of zodiac where two partners are unable to understand each other's view and neither gets the support of other. Aquarius is inventive and social; Leo is selfish and glamorous. Leo is drawn away by Aquarius sense of humour and Aquarius by Leo's fire and zest for living.
Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility
Intellectually compatible mates often have strong attraction for each other and their relationship works on their differences. Virgo is pessimistic, efficient and comfortable with very few close people; Aquarius is optimistic, social, brilliant and imaginative. Their viewpoints are completely different and clash with each other.
Aquarius and Libra Compatibility
Common interests between these two mates in creative work, music, parties and other aspects make this relationship exciting and fun filled. They know how to handle each other well. No argument takes place between them. Settlement can be required in this relationship after few years when any problem arises.
Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility
Presence of many common astrological factors between these two partners shape this relationship as successful and rewarding. Volatile Scorpio not at all likes Moody Aquarius. Scorpio is emotional and possessive; Aquarius is aloof and unemotional. Scorpio's emotional intensity and Aquarian intellectualism is appreciated by each other and these are considered as the strong points of this relationship.
Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility
Good chances of successful relationship as both are social and fun-loving creatures. They are neither jealous of each other nor do they impose any restrictions in their relationship. They inspire each other intellectually and have same degree of commitment. AQUARIUS is inventive and Sagittarius is visionary. Good understanding and appreciation are the two things which both demand from each other.
Aquarius and Capricorn Compatibility
Huge differences in personality and values make this combination hard to match. AQUARIUS doesn't like to get restricted by dominating Capricorn. AQUARIUS is spendthrift and Capricorn is very cautious about spending money. Straightforward Capricorn is unable to understand adventurous ideas of water bearer AQUARIUS. Self-centered Capricorn hates AQUARIUS open nature and his interest towards other people. Unless other compatibility aspects are there, the match is difficult to be successful.
Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility
They are considered as the perfect mates for each other. Both are ideally suited as they have common interests, good understanding and enjoy each other's sense of humour. They hardly end up in a quarrel, as they have no disagreements between them. The love between them is not very intense and deep. They share their views with each other in wide aspect of activities.
Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility
Unconventional relationship takes place between these two zodiac signs as both operate completely on different wavelengths. Pisces is a dreamer and is drawn towards the ideals of Aquarian. Piscean looks for sympathy and good understanding in his Aquarian partner. The Aquarian is likely to be intrigued by Pisces' emotional depth and sensitivity.