Aquarius Health Horoscope

While the year will be positive for Aquarians in general, why not take a look at the Aquarius health horoscope or astrology report for 2018, in brief? The Aquarian will be prone to certain issues as the year unfolds but watching the health in the right way will actually make your life and health far less messy than otherwise.

The ruling health planets for the Aquarians are Capricorn and Cancer. During this year, watch out for issues with stomach, bowels, ankles, knees and veins. Also, be prepared to tackle sleeplessness and blood circulation. There will be compulsive work load that will be a result of hysteria and stress as well. It is mandatory that you eat well and try loading up vitamin B in your daily diet. There might be colds, flu congestion with the lung area and related stuff till October since Saturn will be lodged in Libra.

Watch out for you vitals and metabolic balances. These must be in place. You might have digestive problems as well as flatulence. When eating you should include foods such as beetroot, broccoli, lettuce, chickpeas, potatoes, peaches, peanuts, bananas, fresh cheese, eggs and blackberries. Over a longer term, there could be shortage of protein in your diet as well or even due to lack do vitamins or calcium retention. Celery, cauliflower, carrots, strawberries, almonds, fish, white meat, coconut and apples are also stuff that you are advised to have. This year, you will find Jupiter lodged in Gemini and Aries. There could be issues that arise out of excessive eating. The planetary positions might see you ignoring your overall health. Eat healthy and exercise right—this should be your goal for the year. Avoid excess stress and go in for delegation of work!

Being a Lunar Aquarius, you will have an attitude that is novel, in terms of how you live life. However, you will have a lot on mind—thus making your inner stress too much to take on. You are free minded and at times, are denied ample freedom, this cause stress build up and this will actually make you feel ill at times.

Meditation is something you can begin in 2018. Breathing exercises too will help. This will curb anxiety and reduce stress levels. Make sure you do these regularly instead of just being abrupt. This will calm your nerves and also help you get lesser pressure on your head.