About Venus
Astrology Planets
Venus is known as the loveliest and brightest planet. It is the Earth's closest neighbor toward the Sun, and represents our impulse to reflect, balance and evaluate. It brings love, peace, and harmony, and rules diplomacy, cooperation and strategy. It stands for beauty, nature, the arts, affection, social life, pleasure, happiness, wife, marriage, love, women, partners, gems, jewelry, flowers, music, harmony, relationships, cooperation, singing, creativity.
It rules the second sign, Taurus, and the seventh sign, Libra, and the Second and Seventh Houses. It orbits the Sun every two hundred and twenty-five days.
Key Words
Gentle, Lovable, Unselfish, Charming, Companionable
Physical attributes
Face, Kidneys, Reproductive system.
In Vedic Astrology, we have 7 planets, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, two lumanaries Sun and Moon and 2 shadowy planets. All these are termed as Navagrahas . The energy of these planets influences our everyday lives. The planets move at varying speeds. Moon completes the zodiac cyle in 27 days, Sun in 365 days (1 year), Saturn is slowest planet in the zodiac.
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