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Saturn is the ringed planet that encloses and encircles what is within its realm. It defines limits, form and structure. It represents caution, conservatism, realism, pessimism, orthodoxy and old age. It brings depression, poverty, stagnation, restriction and misfortune. It elicits depth of thought, ambition, perseverance, and the desire for status. It represents the State, the Establishment, politics, organization and civil authority. It institutes discipline and repression, imposes order, and establishes justice. It signifies miners, land owner, officials, administrators, death, separation, stability, agriculture and mining. It represents the world and all its laws.
It rules the tenth sign, Capricorn, the eleventh sign, Aquarius, and the Tenth and Eleventh Houses. Its orbit lasts twenty-nine and a half years.
Key Words
Methodical, Patient, Disciplined, Dutiful
Physical attributes
Bones, Nerves, Teeth, Chronic Illness.
Blue sapphire
In Vedic Astrology, we have 7 planets, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, two lumanaries Sun and Moon and 2 shadowy planets. All these are termed as Navagrahas . The energy of these planets influences our everyday lives. The planets move at varying speeds. Moon completes the zodiac cyle in 27 days, Sun in 365 days (1 year), Saturn is slowest planet in the zodiac.
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