About Jupiter
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Jupiter is the largest planet and turns on its axis the fastest. As the first of the huge, gaseous planets outward from the Sun, it presents expanding opportunities and widening horizons. It stands for wisdom, the higher mind, prophecy, organized religions, universities, law, ceremonies, and rituals. It establishes far-ranging connections between people and ideas. It is the planet of abundance, prosperity, generosity, joviality, fortune, optimism, finance, and world commerce, but it tends to excess, over-confidence, self-righteousness, and complaisance. It represents teacher, guru, children, husband, religion, meditation, wealth, faith, and hope, devotion to God, holy places, pilgrimages, optimism, expansion, growth, good fortune, and foreign travel.
It rules the ninth sign, Sagittarius, the twelfth sign, Pisces, and the Ninth and Twelfth Houses. It orbits the Sun in just under twelve years.
Key Words
Optimistic, philosophical, jovial, and liberal-minded
Physical attributes
Liver, fat, spleen
Yellow sapphire
In Vedic Astrology, we have 7 planets, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, two lumanaries Sun and Moon and 2 shadowy planets. All these are termed as Navagrahas . The energy of these planets influences our everyday lives. The planets move at varying speeds. Moon completes the zodiac cyle in 27 days, Sun in 365 days (1 year), Saturn is slowest planet in the zodiac.
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