Celebrity Astro-Numerologist Anupam V Kapil on Annual Forecast 2017 based on Lagna: Sagittarius

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Problems to your father and siblings is possible in February due to Saturns aspect on your Sun and Ketu in the third house. Good yogas for buying a house/vehicles exist in February and the trend continues till May. Career prospects look good from February to May, though you may go back and forth with decisions due to Jupiter (R). Problems at work are indicated in June-August, if working, bosses will be difficult to please, avoid confrontations. September to November would be your best months, business travel, connections with powerful and famous and rise in own profession are indicated, awards and recognition are also possible. December shall be mixed. By September,Jupiter moves into your eleventh house of financial gains boosts your overall life and success as your hopes, ideals and wishes for the future play an important role now. Friends will be source of great help and benefit to you and your involvement with group activities increases. You shall also develop new acquaintances and friends who shall be quite congenial to your interest, so be reciprocal to them too. In short, whatever you give, will come back in greater quantity.

Love: Passionate time for lovers is seen between February, March, though misunderstandings with spouse are seen, but they will be resolved. May and July are bad for your romance and affairs. October-November look good for those trying to tie the knot. 

Health: Health should generally be good, caution advised between June 21 to 25 October, with July-August being the trickiest months. Health/ your relationship of spouse likely be affected in July.
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