Celebrity Astro-Numerologist Anupam V Kapil on Annual Forecast 2017 based on Lagna: Libra

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Whilst January shows health issues, February to April indicate trouble through enemies. Jupiter (R) in twelfth house will bring expenses on unnecessary expenses, health expenses or loans to siblings/friends/servants which may not come back. Saturn (R) in Scorpio between June to September, bringing opportunities to buy property/vehicles. When Rahu changes in September, a change in career or place in the next 15 months is likely depending on your dasha. June to September  and November are best months for finances and achievements. From September, Jupiter too moves into your sign and brings expanded pride and confidence, you shall have a spiritual bent of mind during this period. Increased self confidence and poise shall have favourable impact and increase your activities too. This will be a happy period where you at least feel good inspite of any bad aspects elsewhere. You will be keen to travel and broaden your experiences, both spiritual and pleasure travel increase. Jupiter has a very positive impact on your personality, it makes you feel more secure and the impression you make on others shall be favourable. Contacts and relations with others shall be beneficial. Watch your diet as this Jupiter  transit will increase your weight.

Health: January to May and October is period of close attention on health matters. Dietary changes, change in lifestyle and exercise are important to counter these influences. Kidney, liver and pancreas are the organs that need attention, avoid rich and oily food, ghee, butter, as Venus, Mars and Jupiter are weakly placed during this period.

Love: A lot happens on the love front, you go back and forth in feelings. July to August is the best period for romance and affairs, October is tough and November brings commitment. For those eligible, October/November brings opportunities for marriage. Your spouse will suffer health issues in April,May. 
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