Celebrity Astro-Numerologist Anupam V Kapil on Annual Forecast 2017 based on Lagna: Cancer

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April, May and November bring rewards, recognitions  while June  to August and December are most difficult on the career and professional front, failure and losses foreseen, reputation may be damaged in August. March and November attract influences to buy properties/vehicles/house renovations.From September 13, Jupiter moves into your fourth house bringing along with it inner peace and security. As the fourth house indicates your home, family, personal life, properties etc., all these will be greatly helped and improved during this Jupiter transit. Most of you may acquire property or make additions/alterations in your house, you are also likely to buy a new conveyance. It is a good period for investment in real estate, in case you are planning not to live there. Good support to and from family is seen, relations with parents will remain cordial and you may gain through them. Your inner confidence will increase and you will be able to handle your affairs more wisely for a better future. 

Health: Health will fluctuate and be unstable during the year due to frequent combustion of Mars and retrogression of Jupiter. Guard against ill health in January, February, June, August and October. Avoid surgeries between February 6 to June 8 and in October, also avoid long distance travel during this period.

Love: Fires of passion ignite in February, July and November, though June to September 17 is a trying period on the love front, August-September  being particularly difficult due to Rahu-Mars conjunction, perhaps due to an inappropriate relationships or with a foreigner or more than one person.
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