Yearly forecast through Tarot for 2018

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Yearly forecast 2018 for ARIES : -   (22nd March- 21st April)

This is a year when you would want to take your relationship to the next stable levels. Love life shall be romantically inclined and you will feel responsible about your relationship status. Health keeps you in a fit shape all through this year. New beginnings in the family end shall be eventful and brings smiles on your face. Being in the company of children shall be extremely therapeutic. Professional status would need more efforts through proper PR skills and communicative skills. Travels can be tough to handle in this phase of your life. Doing Yoga in open parks and in natural surroundings shall immensely bring you good luck and happiness. 
REMEDY  :  Put saffron paste on your navel starting from an auspicious Thursday

TAURUS: (22nd April - 21st May)

The year dawns with a bang on your career front where new openings shall be favourable for you. Creative ventures take off beautifully and will bring growth and success in life. Love life needs more open dialogues in between the two of you. You would look deep within and explore more options on what is the best for your relationship. Finances shall grow but initially few investments can create a sense of anxieties. Risks and courageous decisions in finances are required in this phase of your life. Health will have its ups and downs and still will help you overcome any major problems. There are certain changes in your family that might bring in some stressful moments. Dealing them with patience and tactfulness helps in overcoming this stress. You will develop high intuitive streaks in life as the year progresses and this helps in overcoming difficult problems in life. 
REMEDY: Donate Urad Daal on Saturdays. Chanting Shiv Mahima strota brings good luck and happiness in life.

Yearly forecast 2018 for GEMINI:  (22nd May- 21st June)

Your family will be a huge support system for you all through this year and shall help you overcome any obstacles in life with ease. Family reunions and weddings in the family are high on the cards. Professional gains will come slowly and would need more patience and grit. Expenses on children and your juniors shall be on the higher side in this year. Health of a motherly figure shall be a cause of concern the whole year through. Travels shall bring you gains all through this phase of your life. Avoid unnecessary ego clashes in matters of heart. Latter half phase of the year shall be result oriented and blessed. A chance encounter with a famous celebrity is also high on the cards for some of you. 

REMEDY: donate an iron pan to a saintly person(sadhu/fakir)

Yearly forecast 2018 for CANCER:  (22nd June - 21st July)

Professionally, this is an excellent year for you when things shape up as per your expectations. Your business acumen sharpens up and you will be able to win over your enemies and will be credited for your efforts and wisdom. Legal matters turn in your favour. Finances in this year are a delicate matter and needs better monitoring. Health improves slowly and subtly as the year progresses. Travels to places close to water bodies are strong likeability. It is a high time that you need to be firm on decisions related to family. However, helping a   family member who has been undergoing ill health for sometime heals you in many ways. This is a year when you shall be meeting up with friends and family you haven’t heard for long. Also old projects will suddenly revive back bringing you gains and success in life.  
REMEDY: write number 20 from red ink on a blue paper and keep it in your wallet to vibrate good luck in your life. 

Yearly forecast 2018 for LEO:  (22nd July - 21st August)

As the New Year dawns the year unfolds into a beautiful canopy of growth and success. Bountiful growth patterns emerge as the year progresses and brings in success and happiness on your career front. Creative ventures especially are extremely positive and result oriented. You shall be in celebration mode in this new phase of life. Financially it’s an enriching phase in life and women figures that have pragmatic attitude in life help in strengthening your monetary status. Women anyway play a powerful role in your life as they apart from helping you in financial matters also help in rejuvenating your mind, body and soul. Romance breezes in your love life creating more space for mutual peace and harmony in life. Having a focused attitude towards your travels makes them more successful and memorable. Health of a fatherly figure in your family can be a cause of concern.  Declutter your life from things that no more serve your soul purpose in life. Going organic will be an excellent way to rejuvenate your mind and body.

REMEDY: mix a small piece of jaggery in water and offer it to Sun in the morning facing east.

VIRGO: (22nd August- 21st September)

Financially this is an excellent year for your investments. They swell and make you master of your own destiny. You shall develop the right knack of investing at the right place at the right time. Professionally, this is a thinking phase where planning’s and meticulous details on your work patterns and projects bring about tremendous changes in life. People associated with science, research, mining etc. shall benefit from the turn of events in this year. Family matters resolve subtly and softly as the year progresses. Matters of heart need more patience and open dialogues to arrive at mutually comfortable status. Practicing yoga and meditation helps in overcoming your emotional turmoil’s that can otherwise affect your health adversely. Avoiding unnecessary travels during this year saves you from unpleasant encounters. Slow subtle changes takes place in your favour as the year progresses.

REMEDY: Write number 3 inside a triangle made from blue ink on a white paper and keep it beneath your pillow for good luck energies.

Yearly forecast 2018 for LIBRA: (22nd September- 21st October)

Financial strengths become stronger by the day as the year progresses. You shall be in comfortable monetary situations only because you learn to act wisely and develop an intuitive knack for benefitting from your investments. Professionally though there are growth patterns emerging yet you might feel a little restricted in few areas. Family support shall be there in your thick and thin and they will help you sail through the most difficult of times with ease. Travels bring in gains and memorable moments. Avoid any major decisions related to your love life in this phase as it can boomerang back negatively at you. Latter half phase of the year is more memorable and enjoyable where you will suddenly come across news about friends and families you haven’t met for long. 
REMEDY: put saffron paste on your forehead for good fortune to knock your door.

Yearly forecast 2018 for SCORPIO:  (22nd October- 21st November)

The New Year dawns with mixed results for most of the Scorpions. There are certain areas where you benefit immensely and yet few areas might create a dent on your peace and progress. A fatherly figure who has reached a position of strength due to his sheer hard work is the person to seek guidance from. He shall bring you wisdom delights and shall help in sailing through your difficult times with ease. Financial efforts that you make in the first half of the year will give you positive results after July 2018. Professionally, things are shaping up for you and yet you feel a little unhappy about certain situations and events not giving you due results as you had been banking upon them. Certain news related to your love life might not be to your liking especially when it concerns children. In the last quarter of the year you shall experience growth, success and expansions in life.
REMEDY: keep a piece of silver square along with you for enhancing peace and prosperity in life.  Make your visiting cards with golden edges for boosting your career options.

Yearly forecast 2018 for SAGGITARIUS:  (22nd  November- 21st December)

This can turn out to be a good year for you only if you act with patience and wisdom. Also refraining from any vices related to mouth whether it is smoking, alcohol or abusive language, all of these shall only harm you further during this phase of life. Patience is the key to success and this reflects more positively in your financial area where your monetary status keeps strengthening as the year progresses. Overall this will be a year of fame and honours for you.  Professionally, you will be in a planning mode and would want to bring changes in your projects keeping in mind your past strengths and weaknesses. Keep focus towards your health and you shall experience beautiful rejuvenation of mind, body and soul. A woman in the family supports you and helps you in your endeavours. Travels made during this year shall be extremely beneficial and growth oriented. Matters of heart however, might cause you anxieties and insecurities. Following your intuition is the key to success in life especially in the latter half phase of the year.
REMEDY: keep a picture of a tall building which has blue doors on it in your wallet as your lucky charm. Feed rice grains to fishes and offer milk and rice on a place of worship. 

Yearly forecast 2018 for CAPRICORN:  (22nd December- 21st January)

Professionally, initially, you might be confused about certain developments in your projects and would speculate whether you should go ahead with them or not. The Tarot guides you to go ahead with it without any inhibition, as this will only bring you eventual success and gains in life. Financial ups and downs will be experienced all the year through and yet will bring you gains by the end of it. Health shows huge improvements during this phase of life. Travels made during this period shall be extremely favourable. Holidays and trips close to water bodies are a strong likeability  Follow your intuitive streaks when it comes to gaining from your travels. Being too possessive about your family might create a sense of claustrophobia in them. Matters of heart shall be peaceful and romantic only if you act upon your inner beliefs. Luck will follow you if you see number 19 written on a coloured paper or as a business address.
REMEDY: seek help from a man who wears round gold-rimmed glasses for boosting your life condition. Offer saffron and honey to a place of worship on Monday/s.

Yearly forecast 2018 for AQUARIUS:  (22nd January- 21st February)

Professionally there are a lot of positive changes and reflections that you shall experience the whole of 2018. Blessings and guidance from your elders and experts in your fields helps in boosting your career area. Financial growth knocks your door exorbitant. A surprise windfall helps you sail through difficult times. Matters of heart shall be blessed and blessings from elders help in rejuvenating your love life. Travels shall keep you very busy the whole year through and any work with team efforts shall turn out to be successful. Family supports you in your endeavours and there are possibilities of shifting to a better locality to buying a new property in this year. Although, this is an emotionally fulfilling year but the latter half phase might create some turbulence in life. Involve yourself in charitable activities. Any donations you give shall come back in multiples.  
REMEDY: Keep a figurine of Kaamdhenu cow in northeast of your house. Offer cotton and curd to a place of worship on Fridays. 

Yearly forecast 2018 for PISCES:   (22nd February- 21st March)

Travels that are made during this year shall be extremely favourable and enjoyable. You will gain the most from the trips that you make in 2018. Pisceans will also witness a lot of changes in their family front. Slow steady changes are happening and this is also a time when one needs to learn the lessons right and move on to create a better future. All your efforts to improve your health shall reflect positively only in the latter half phase of the year. Financial and professional anxieties are running high and needs a balanced and patient approach towards handling them. Following your intuition and inner wisdom helps you sail through most difficult of times. Avoid being too aggressive in matters of heart lest it creates further differences and anxieties. The last two months of the year shall be a game changes for you bringing you growth and success even if it is in small amount initially. A person with initials ‘A’ or someone who is your namesake helps you in your endeavours.
REMEDY: keep a picture of a musical instrument in your wallet as a good luck charm. Fill a terracotta bowl with mushrooms and offer them in a place of worship. Gargle your mouth with alum water first thing in the morning.
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