Why airlines should stay away from 'Red' and the number 18...

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In Numerology, Number 9 stands for the planet Mars which is supposed to be the planet of destruction. In fact anyone meets with an accident in this world; it is because of a bad Mars in their horoscope. According to Numerology, colour red is for planet Mars.

In fact, have a look at the logo of all the troubled airlines in India – Kingfisher, Spice Jet and Air India – all are red. I will not say that all the airlines with colour red as their logo are not doing well as of now but at some point of time they will do face trouble due to this. Colour red should not be used for airline companies at all. Also Number 9 should be avoided as the name of the airline company. Malaysia Airlines having a horrible year are Number 36 which stands for planet Mars and we all know what they are going through.

Another airline company soon being launched in India is Vistara. Vistara totals 18 according to Numerology which is reduced to 18. Number 18 is the most horrifying number in Numerology – you know why?

Kashmir, Srinagar, Gujarat, Sri Lanka and Mumbai all totals 18. Number 18 has tremendous energy but this is a Number which signifies blood according to Bible as well. No wonder the above 5 locations are always disturbed due to terrorism, flood or natural disasters.

Vistara name should be changed by Tata else accidents will be a part of this airline. In India, the other 2 airlines Jet Airways and Indigo do not use red in logo and have comparatively good numbers. Although airline industry is not doing very well in India, however these 2 arilines have never been in such crisis as the other airlines Air India, Spice Jet and Kingfisher using red.

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