Who will be the next President of USA - Hillary or Trump?

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Donald J. Trump was born on 14th June 1946 at 10.54 Hrs. at Jamaica, New York (USA). At the time of his birth Leo lagna was rising on the eastern horizon and planetary configuration was as such : Mars – Leo, Jupiter, Neptune – Virgo, Moon, Ketu – Scorpio, Sun, Rahu, Uranus – Taurus, Mercury – Gemini and Venus, Saturn, Pluto in Cancer.

Donald J. Trump was born when Leo ascendant was rising on the eastern horizon and yogakaraka (significant) Mars is beautifully placed in the lagna. Mars is the most beneficial and forceful planet for the Leo lagna. Placement of Mars in the lagna has given a special attitude to Trump which is reflected in all his activities i.e. personal, professional, political and social as well. He has his own style of approaching a situation and things which is quite unique and identifies him from others.The lord of lagna Sun is beautifully placed in the 10th house, the house of karma or profession where it provides tremendous strength and mind power which has helped him invariably reach the pinnacle of his life whether in business or politics. Unfortunately this Sun is at the cusp because of its advance degrees and afflicted by malefic Rahu. Whenever the lord of lagna is afflicted then the person’s achievements in life cannot be unblemished. He is not only shrewd but a cunning businessman who can use any tactics to stay ahead of others. The world has seen that he has become the choice of the Republicans and is fighting the US election against mighty Hillary Clinton.

The 12th house is occupied by Saturn and Venus. It is not a very good placement for Saturn to occupy but Saturn is also involved in a ‘Vipreet rajayoga’ and joined his bosom friend Venus. He has worked hard to become a successful businessman and his flamboyant personality and lavish style of living is also appreciated by many people. Jupiter’s placement in the 2nd house has provided him great success to acquire wealth and Mercury’s placement in the 11th house has given him huge dividends.Debiliated Moon has occupied the 4th house and Moon is also afflicted with Ketu. In other words both the luminaries have added a lot of confusion about his personality. When Moon is afflicted then person thinks too much of himself and caught many times in dichotomy. An afflicted Moon tends to create misconception of many things and an afflicted Sun colours the perception of a person to a great extent.

In this election campaign a lot of his friends and well wishers have got disillusioned by his strange behaviour pattern which is reflected on many occasions especially in heated debates with Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s constant lewd remarks about women have flabbergasted one and all throughout the world. Some political pundits are not sure of his sanity because he can easily tilt his views for or against terrorism, communities etc. He has bragged about his many sexual enounters and his escapades are well known by now.

Hillary Clinton was born on 26th October 1947 at 20.00 Hrs. at Chicago, Illinois (USA). At the time of her birth Gemini lagna was rising on the eastern horizon and planetary configuration was as such : Uranus – Leo, Mars, Saturn, Pluto – Cancer, Neptune – Virgo, Sun, Mercury, Venus – Libra, Jupiter, Ketu – Scorpio, Moon – Pisces and Rahu in Virgo.

Let us understand certain nuances of Hillary’s chart or her behaviour pattern. Hillary Clinton was born when Gemini lagna was rising on the eastern horizon. The lord of lagna Mercury is well placed in the 5th house along with Venus and Sun. 5th house denotes many things. To begin with it deals with an intelligent and curious mind.Classical Vedic astrology finds the good deeds of the person done in previous births. The placement of three planets together in the 5th house also forms a powerful rajayoga which indicates that the person has surely done good deeds in her previous births or earned punyas and in this birth she will enjoy the fruits of her previousgood doings. If we look back, Hillary Clinton comes from a good background and her husband Bill Clinton was one of the most popular Presidents of America in the last century. Despite her background she worked very hard in the early eighties and created a place for herself in politics in her own right.

Mercury is retrograde also. Whenever the lord of lagna is retrograde then it creates a lot of confusion in the native’s life due to her own doings or of her close relatives. The Clinton Foundation funds, her email account, while being in the position of US secretary, still keeps on haunting her. Her flamboyant husband and ex-president’s sex scandals was enough to give tremendous anxiety to the lady and has unnecessarily been dragged into this election also.

Placement of debiliated Mars and Saturn in the 2nd house also creates problems regarding family (read husband) and money related scandals. In this election campaign she faced a lot of difficulties to explain her position on these issues.  Jupiter and Ketu are placed in the 6th house which is also not very good. Jupiter being the lord of 7th house which deals with her husband has been a source of joy and sorrow equally. In Vedic astrology the aspect of Jupiter is always considered beneficial. Her Moon is placed in the 10th house and Rahu has occupied the 12th house. Luckily for her Jupiter aspects Moon, Rahu, Mars and Saturn. But Moon is involved in Kemdrum (bad) yoga which means that the native can get influenced by wrong advice or people also from time to time.

Result of the election:

In Donald Trump’s chart Rahu – Mars are in operation till 14/11/2016. With this 18 years mahadasa of Rahu will come to an end. As stated earlier Trump’s chart is very good that is why he has become such a successful and rich businessman but lagna lord Sun who gives top position is badly afflicted by Rahu which is operating at the moment. If we look at the entire campaign of Trump then he has degraded and disgraced himself constantly. People are wondering if the reins of the most popular democratic country were given in his hands then world’s democracy could be in real danger. His remarks on certain communities, countries, women and institutions of democracy can leave anybody perplexed. When the lord of lagna is badly influenced by Dragon’s head (Rahu) then a person falls before touching the peak and in astrology it is known as a great fall.


In Hillary Clinton’s chart Moon – Jupiter – Moon are operating till 21/11/2016. Moon is in the house of profession aspected by benevolent Jupiter promising a landslide victory against her rival.

Future of America under Hillary Clinton:

In Hillary’s chart Moon’s mahadasa is in operation that will continue till 2022 which means that she will complete her first term of President of USA during this dasa.Moon is involved in Kemdrum (negative) yoga. This yoga is formed when there is no planet either side of the Moon and Moon is in isolation. Moon represents mind in astrology. Primarily Moon gives an agile and prompt mind. Moon has occupied Jupiter’s sign Pisces which falls in the 10th house indicating power and position. This Moon is aspected by Jupiter and forming a 90 degrees angle with debiliated Mars and Saturn. A benefic aspect, that also of the giant planet Jupiter is consideredvery auspicious. The astro-angle of 5th – 9th or 90 degrees with debiliated Mars and Saturn is not that good.

Although this Moon is strong enough to give her rather easy victory over Trump, her presidency won’t be that easy. Moon is the lord of 2nd house which is occupied by debiliated Mars and Saturn. Second house represents speech as such. The total configuration indicates that Hillary Clinton may make certain statements or take actions which may not be considered politically correct. This sort of situation could arise when she is wrongly influenced by her ill-advisors. Her utterances on certain domestic as well as international issues could be a cause of concern during the middle term of her presidency. She should also keep herself away from family influence.America’s international policies will undergo a sea change during the tenure of Mrs. Clinton.

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