What is Vastu

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Vaastu is a science of structures or the creation of harmonious energy field in a structure is called Vaastu. It is an art of placing through which a balance between negative & positive energies in the structure is maintained. All with structure building it also includes soil inspection, roads curing, facing of the plots, water, surrounding environment, directions and much more. 

The classics are full of references of Vastu. Such as in Rig-Veda we found phrases like construction of indrasan of vishwakarma, the city made under water in Dwarika in the name of surbistpuri etc. 

As per vaastu expert of olden time “Raj Vallabh” for good life a good home is needed and attributes for good home include- 

1. Suitability of the city according to our stars 
2. Directions 
3. Soil 
4. Day 
5. Nakshatras and lastly start the construction according to the positions of vaastu Purush 

Further, if a structure has all the 5 elements i.e. space, air, fire, water and earth if there is harmony in all the 5 elements there will peace, prosperity and health among all occupants of structure. In simple words as lord Brahma has made our body a residing place for our soul in the same way we have to make harmonious house for the body to live in. this ensures overall enhancement and better quality life for individuals.
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