What is Pratipada Shradha

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The sixteen day period stretching from the Purnima to the Amavasya during the Krishna Paksha (waning phase of moon) in the month of Bhadrapada is popularly called as Pitru Paksha in Hinduism. This is considered highly auspicious to perform the Shradh ceremonies of the ancestors who died during the respective tithi. 

Pratipada Shradh

The date of Pratipada Shradh during this year is Tuesday, 25th September 2018. 

Pratipada is the first day of the Pitru Paksha. On Pratipada Shradh day, Shradh is performed to those ancestors died on the Pratipada tithi. Pratipada Shraddha is also popularly known as Padwa Shraddha. On this day, shradh can also be performed to the maternal grandparents. Though it is not obligatory to perform shradh for maternal grandparents, Shastras have dedicated this special day when you are allowed to perform Shradh to them to get peace and prosperity in the family. 

Importance of Pitru Paksha Shradh

Pitru Paksha Shradh also called as Mahalaya Shradh is a specially designated time to perform he ancestral offerings and worship. Shradh performed during this period is said to be highly beneficial in giving manifold blessings to the individuals and their families. Pitru Paksha Shradh is described as Parvan Shraddhas. Shradh ceremonies are done during this period in Kutup Muhurt and Rohina Muhurta. It can be conducted till the Aparahna Kala (Post Meridian) is over. Tarpan is offered with til seeds and other materials at the end of Shradh. Since Shradh ceremonies are compulsory to Hindus, no one can overlook them. 
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