What is Chaturdashi Shradha

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Pitru Paksha shradha in India is very famous since the shastras of Hinduism attach a very great importance to these shradhas. The Pitru Paksha period refers to the time span between the Purnima and Amavasya in the month of Bhadrapada (August – September). Apart from the annual shradh ceremonies performed to the ancestors, special shradh are done during this period on the days when the ancestor died irrespective of the paksha in which the death occurred. The benefits of the Pitru Paksha shradha are manifold when compared to the regular shradh ceremonies since during this period. It is believed that the ancestors visit their descendants on the earth during this period to receive the offerings done through shradh and tarpan. 

Chaturdashi shradh

This year, the date of Chaturdashi shradh is Sunday, 7th October 2018. 

On this day, the shradh ceremonies of those who died on the chaturdashi tithi are performed.

During this year, the Magha Nakshatra, which is ruled by the ancestors coincide with the Chaturdashi shradh. This is a special day for performing the shradh ceremonies of individuals who died an unnatural death due to accidents, murders or suicide. The other names of Chaturdashi shradh are Ghat Chaturdashi Shraddha or Ghayala Chaturdashi Shraddha or Chaudas Shraddha. In some cases, shradh is not performed on Chaturdashi. It is combined with the shradh on the next day namely Amavasya shradh.

Importance of Pitru Paksha shradh

Pitru Paksha shradh provide exalted benefits to the performers in bringing good luck, prosperity and happiness in the families of the performers. The Pitru shaap or the curse of the ancestors for not performing shradh is removed by performing the Pitru Paksha shradh ceremonies.
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