Trouble in Paradise: The J & K Disaster

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It’s a pity that when man devastates nature, he is unaware or unconcerned about the fury of ‘Mother Nature’ when she decides to fight back. 

The Himalayas are crumbling due to global warming. In the past decade itself, surface air temperatures have risen by one degree Celsius. The acceleration of melting snow on the higher levels of the snow clad mountains is the cause of rivers swelling and breaking their boundaries, as they are unable to hold so much water. Micro-climates are being altered by humans who hack trees and wipe out entire mangroves in the name of development. Jammu and Kashmir, an ecologically delicate Himalayan region, now has an apology for forest regions, left only with 4140 sq km of dense forests which is barely two percent of the 222,236 sq km of its total geographical area. The disappearance of the forest shields, which are meant to hold and stop the torrential flow of rain water into habitations is the cause of landslides, mud slides and devastating floods. 

As reported by J & K’s department of ecology, environment and remote sensing, “Lakes and wet lands in Srinagar area are down to less than half of their spatial extent since 1911. The destruction of the city’s ecologically fragile lake ecosystems through rampant encroachments, constructions and conversions of erstwhile water channels into highways, leaves the flood waters with no place to go but into people’s homes”

This is not the first time that our Paradise on Earth has experienced such destruction at regular intervals in the past; though this may be the worst one being experienced in six decades. 

Floods in: 1905 = 6
                  1950 = 6
                  1951 = 7
                  1953 = 9
                  1959 = 6
                  1962 = 9
                  1969 = 7
                  1986 = 6
                  1995 = 6
                  1996 = 7
                  2014 = 7

Month                   9 September
Srinagar               9/18
Jammu                 7/16
Kashmir               9/18
Jhelum                  6/24
Badami Baug       7/25
Pakistan               7/25

Let us look at the name KASHMIR, it totals to 18 which is number 9. The compound of 18 is a dreaded one for it is pictured as “A rayed Moon from which drops of blood are falling, a wolf and a hungry dog are seen below catching the falling drops of blood in their hungry mouth, while still lower, a crab is seen hastening to join them” It is symbolic of materialism trying to destroy the spiritual side of nature. It is associated with bitter quarrels, family feuds, wars, social upheavals, revolutions, underworld activities, terrorism and making money through wars and weapons of destruction. It warns of treachery and deception, dangers from natural elements such as storms, death by drowning, accidents, fires explosions and gun shots. Kashmir has seen a lot of this and, putting it very mildly, has been the bone of contention for a long time, hasn’t it? See what happened to our beautiful, cosmopolitan and safe city Bombay when its name was changed to MUMBAI… Mumbai totals to 18. Gujarat (18) has witnessed a lot of tragedy too. 

Kashmir would be so much better off, if an A or I was added to it - making it KAASHMIR or KASHMIIR.

The biggest game players in the destiny of Kashmir are numbers 6, 7 and 9 as you can see above. Peace, harmony and beauty (6) being destroyed by natural disasters, wars, violence and terrorism (9/18) through the Law of the Cycle of Time (7). 
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