Transiting Saturn in Libra and You

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Saturn transit through Libra for all Moon Signs Saturn, the slowest moving planet of the zodiac is going to make a transit through the zodiac sign Libra, which shall continue till 2nd November 2014. Though this planetary move may not have a considerable bearing on the overall picture, except during two of the retrograde periods of this phase, the transit may exert its effect on an individual level. It may enforce you to change your current stance towards various areas of life, largely depending upon your horoscope. Here is an indicator from Ganesha's desk on how each moon sign may be affected under the influence of this Saturn transit.

Work on your personal and professional relationships, advises Ganesha. Try and keep congenial terms with not only your life partner/ beloved, but also your business partners/ colleagues, while Saturn transits through Libra. In matters related to any ensuing legal issue, you will have to be very careful. Your
participation in social activities may get reduced to a considerable extent during this phase. On the other hand, your focus on your overall life and career looks set to sharpen.

You will have to take a good care of your health, while Saturn transits through Libra. On the work front, things may get a little more than hectic, and you may have no option but to really slog to meet the looming deadlines. This may get frustrating; you may even be pushed to consider quitting a current job. There may be a new opportunity to lure you. However, Ganesha advises you against rash decisions. Quitting work to start a business will not be a good idea now.

Saturn transit may not turn out to be great for the students and the ones struggling in the matters of heart. Ones pursuing an academic goal may reel under pressure. The concentration and grasping power of students may get adversely affected and the results may bear the brunt, feels Ganesha. For the ones embroiled in love affairs, the time is not propitious. If popping the question is on your mind, refrain. Let this phase pass, and only them propose a beloved.
Your creativity ability too may suffer.

Organization and discipline attain a great significance under the influence of this transit. This is not a bad thing, assures Ganesha. You will first implement this new-found wisdom in your domestic environment, and the results shall be for yours to see. However, there my still be some domestic unrest. Your home or vehicle may need some additional work and expense. Ones nearing completion of an academic course may need to be extra careful this time around, as they mayface certain problems.

Saturn's transit through Libra may adversely affect your expression, creativity and communication ability. Putting your ideas in words may become an issue for you. And, this may make you a little cranky. Your relations with your siblings may reel under some strain, and this may further mar your mood. At work, your rapport with colleagues or subordinates may suffer, and you may find it difficult to get your work done by others. Same may hold true, if you have been handling an ongoing home-renovation project, feels Ganesha.

The transit calls for a focal shift on your financial matters, reminds Ganesha. It is a good time to start saving money for a happy and secure future. Some ensuing family issues may need your time and attention. Face them head on, for once and all. But, refrain from negative thinking, as far as possible. Borrowing money is a no-no. And, if you have been considering taking a loan, either postpone it or avoid involving a huge sum of money.

The time calls for some focal re-adjustment, says Ganesha. At work, your responsibilities may increase, but then with responsibilities come privileges. The
chances that you look set to get in your job will be great for your career. However, on the family front, you may have to learn to balance between people with different view points. In short, you will not only be playing a pivotal role in your profession, but your family will also need you to keep things in momentum and balance.

Despite your best efforts to reduce expenses, some unexpected expenses may affect your financial budget. The expenses may be related to a family member's or your own medication/ health. And, some your savings may get drained owing to the same. Under the influence of this transit, you may prefer seclusion, and may not want to remain in touch with many people, feels Ganesha. These moments of solitude will help you explore the finer aspects of life.

You are a gregarious person, and the result is a busy, hectic social life with, sometimes too many friends and acquaintances. The transit may put you in a
thinking mode, making you re-consider your moves and time-spending patterns. You may realise that only a friend in the need is a friend indeed, says Ganesha! And, this may make you slow down your networking attempts. You may spend less time with friends. Disappointments in relationships are likely, so avoid getting into rash and emotional involvements.

You may now wish to re-organise and re-adjust the way you plan, work and function on a day to day basis. You will, undoubtedly, want to be more organized and sorted in your routine activities. This also implies that you will be working in a more structured manner. Long term planning related to career or business is quite likely, feels Ganesha. This is also a good time to work towards achieving some higher goals. Spiritual progress is also possible, under influence of such a planetary transit.

You may feel early on during the transit that luck is not supporting you as much as it usually does. However, this may fail to bog you down, and you may continue to fight it out, says Ganesha. Try paying more attention to the details, the finer nuances – at all fronts, be it work or your personal realm. And, this shall bring you the just and desirable results. Remember that small things matter a lot. It's the micro that combines together to create the macro!

Health is wealth! This is the most important lesson that this Saturn transit brings for you. You will need to become very careful about your health, especially because your health may suffer, mostly on account of your own negligence and laziness. Please watch your food habits and avoid overindulgence. Stay away from addictions, alcohol consumption et al. Rather indulge in Yoga, Pranayam or regular exercise to maintain good health. Handle joint finances with utmost care. Your relations with your spouse's family may suffer. 
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