Top 7 Things NOT To Say to A LIBRA

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1. Decide 

This is the worst thing you can say to a Libran. Giving ultimatums to your Libran literally makes them vanish. Especially if you’re asking them to make an emotional decision. They get defensive if you circle them like a hawk demanding anything from them. Pressurizing them is the worst thing to do. They would either make a decision to please you and then change their mind later (making you crazy)


2. Let the Room Stay Dirty 

Most Libra’s and Libra rising, border on OCD. They do not feel “right” until the house is in order, everything looks shiny and new and not a hair out of the place. Do not even dream of inviting a Libra to your messy – lived in home – they will be insulted and very uncomfortable. They will notice the crooked painting and the frayed floor mat before you can blink


3. Why Do You Argue About Everything? 

Librans thrive on debates. They can discuss the pro and con, agree to disagree on any topic and every topic. They feel it’s their moral duty to be fair. They can feel offended or even cheated if you refuse to discuss with them where the best coffee in town is available.


4. Why Are You So Lazy? 

Librans need to recharge their batteries regularly – this is how they recuperate and manage themselves. Libra being an air sign can get mentally exhausted by running their minds on an overdrive. They need these spells of solitude and quite before they can be flitting around.


5. Buy This – It’s So Functional!

Librans love everything that is beautiful and necessarily not functional. They love to surround themselves with beautiful artefacts and antiques. They have a love of


6. Can You Manage On Your Own? 

It’s not that Librans are not competent. They make excellent managers but in personal lives Librans hate being alone. They like to do things in pairs. They love to share their ideas, thoughts, and if there’s someone special in their lives they’ll be skipping along chattering like a magpie.

7. Foolish

Librans pride themselves for their intelligence. Don’t let the sweet dimpled thing fool you. They have a razor sharp mind and they seldom miss anything.

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