The Magical Peepal Tree

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The Peepal tree also has astrological connotations. The tree is closely linked with the planet Jupiter. Jupiter being the most rewarding planet in astrology, its presence is always regarded as both rewarding as well as graceful.

Similarly, when Jupiter is afflicted in a horoscope, then a worship of the Peepal tree is recommended. This is one unique remedy that does not require a recommendation. Simple Peepal tree worship turns a strong Jupiter into an auspicious one and a weak Jupiter into a stronger one.

The Peepal tree is believed to be Lord Shiva’s abode. It is believed that both good and evil souls reside in the Peepal tree. The greatness of the worship of this tree lies in the fact that whosoever worships the Peepal tree, gets a reward equal to worshipping Lord Shiva. Peepal tree worship alone has the tendency to overcome all planetary afflictions.

There are various ways to worship the Peepal tree. The simplest method is to offer jal (water) at its roots every morning. It is never advisable to offer jal during the afternoon or evening time. Another way is to light a ghee diya/lamp during evening time.

It is worth understanding that the peepal is scientifically a tree that breathes and lives like other plants and trees. Any worship associated with a living entity is far more rewarding and fruitful than worshipping idol(s). So, in a sense, worshipping the Peepal tree yields quicker and better results than any other form of worship.

Another interesting facet of the Peepal tree is that it grows wild. No one plants a Peepal tree. It is advisable that a Peepal tree should not be removed/cut unless absolutely necessary.

Peepal tree worship is recommended for all ascendants (Lagna).

Jupiter’s placement in the eighth house is considered very awkward and it should be worshipped very uniquely to gain results. Natives with Jupiter placed in the eighth house should offer a mix of milk and water to a Peepal tree during evening.

Worshipping a Peepal tree is known to provide the following results:

•Stability in thoughts and actions 
•Logical thinking 
•Timely Marriage (removes obstacles in marriage) 
•Child birth (as Jupiter is the significator for children) 
•A religious/charitable bent in life 
•Uninterrupted flow of income 
•Multiple sources of income 
•Propitiation of Lord Shiva
•Grants wisdom with advancing age

So, worship this tree and stay blessed in your life.

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