The Future of Political Leaders of India - 2014

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Time around New Year often infuses new sprit among people all over the world. As Political leaders give direction and lead the nation, let us study the horoscopes of some leading politicians: Who will rise to the top, who will be a true leader of the common man, who will be a laggard and whose name will be forgotten. Let us look at the horoscopes from November 2013 to October 2014.

Narendra Modi:

Narendra Modi has been the Chief Minister of Gujarat state for the last three terms and is now the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate for the forthcoming General Elections 2014. This 63 year old leader may not be young himself but he has won the hearts and is ably representing 65 percent of all those who are younger than 35 years. He is reaching out and effectively using today’s new-tech tools for like the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Viber, Chaton, video conferencing etc. for his benefit. His lagna is Scorpio and Mars and Moon are placed in it. The placement of Mars is forming a Panch Mahapurush Rajayoga called “Ruchak”. Modern definition of this rajayoga can be that a tea vendor with a dream of becoming the Prime Minister of the country is creating waves throughout the nation. At present in his horoscope Moon – Rahu are operating and will be in operation till October 2014. Moon is placed in the lagna and Rahu has occupied the 5th house and are aspecting each other. This indicates that his fame will continue to rise. Moon is debiliated but due to the presence of Mars its debiliation gets cancelled, giving rise to “Neechbhanga Rajyoga”. Rahu is also debiliated but its debiliation has not taken place. All these configurations will take him very close to his goal but it remains to be seen what role Rahu will play in the end.

Rahul Gandhi:

Rahul Gandhi is one person who has the backing of the largest political party of the country as well as the force of the Government behind him. Such a position can be attained only with the presence of a powerful rajayoga in the horoscope. However Rahul Gandhi has not fully utilized this unique position even though he represents the youth of India in the true sense. His lagna is Taurus and its lord Venus is placed in the 3rd house. The 3rd house indicates prowess. His first impression creates a great impact however he is not able to sustain this fame. The reason for this can be seen in the navamsa chart. Venus becomes debiliated in the navamsa chart because of which his influence and effect remains transitory. At present Moon-Mercury is in operation and will continue till January 2015. Moon is debiliated in the 7th house and its debiliation has not got cancelled. Mercury is in the lagna. This configuration is not very favourable and is indicative of the downfall of Rahul Gandhi.

Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar is in his second term as Chief Minister of Bihar and is also credited with the turnaround of the state. An important feature of democracy is that anyone be it a tea vendor or an engineer can become the Prime Minister of the country. Hence it is not unusual that an engineer should nurture dreams of assuming the office of Prime Minister. His lagna is Gemini and at present Rahu-Rahu are in operation till January 2015. Rahu is posited in the 9th house along with Sun, Mercury and Jupiter. Rahu is well placed but this is not indicative that he will become the Prime Minister. He will also face some obstacles and hurdles in the state in the coming days.

Priyanka Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi has been ably playing the role of daughter and sister for the past few years. She regularly visits both the constituencies whether it is Rai Bareilly or Amethi and during elections she wholeheartedly takes over the reins of organizing the campaigns in both these constituencies. Whenever she does this the entire media focuses on her and speculates on when she will join politics. Till now she has not joined active politics. Her lagna is Taurus and at present Venus-Rahu are in operation and will continue so till 2016. Venus is placed in the 10th house and Rahu is posited in the 9th house. There is a deep connection of Venus and Rahu with politics. Venus operates in the forefront and Rahu operates in a covert manner. During this period Priyanka Gandhi will enter active politics.

Sonia Gandhi

In 1997 we had predicted that Sonia Gandhi would enter active politics and will then establish her children in the political arena. At that time it seemed impossible. However the situation now is such and she is doing as we had predicted. The reason for such an astrological forecast was as follows: her lagna is Cancer and Sun, Mercury and Ketu are placed in the 5th house. At that time Mercury’s mahadasha was in operation for 17 years. The 5th house not only represents a remarkable image of a person and it also represents children. At present Ketu – Venus are in operation which will continue till March 2014. After that Sun – Moon will be in operation till the end of 2014. Mahadasha of Ketu has been in operation since the past year and a half and during this period she has had to contend with both mental and physical troubles and difficulties. She has been making trips to America for treatment of an undisclosed ailment moreover the corruption scams of the Government have also created immense stress. She needs to put in a lot of effort to regain the political heights and fame. Ketu is the repository of both positive and negative characteristics and it also signifies unexpectedness. Ketu has the ability to make a pauper a king or reduce a king to a pauper. According to the Shatras when Ketu is at its peak then astrologers should remain silent.

Sushma Swaraj

Sushma Swaraj is the only woman leader of stature in the BJP who is well – known at the national level. He lagna is Taurus and at present Mercury – Sun then Mercury – Moon will operate till May 2015. All three planets Mercury, Sun and Moon are well placed in the 10th house. Sun would be in operation till December 2014 and thereafter Moon will be in operation. Her influence will increase and she will be the main pillar of BJP in the coming days.

L K Advani

L K Advani is one of the founders of the BJP whose efforts have helped the Party to reach heights. His lagna is Scorpio and at present Saturn mahadasha is in operation. Saturn is placed in the lagna but Saturn is not good for Scorpio lagna. Saturn’s mahadasha has been in operation since the last five years and will continue to be in operation. He should be content with all that he has achieved in the past as that position cannot be recreated in the near furture.

Rajnath Singh

When a person has a powerful rajayoga in the horoscope then such a rajayoga has the force to bring a person into the mainstream and the limelight. His lagna is Scorpio and Jupiter – Jupiter is in operation till December 2014. Debiliated Jupiter is placed in the 3rd house along with Venus and Mercury. If Jupiter was not debiliated then he could not have become the President of the BJP for a second time. According to astrology a benefic planet loses its strength in the 3rd house and malefic planets gain strength when placed in the 3rd house. Jupiter is a benefic planet but has gained strength because of being debiliated. Had it been exalted, Jupiter would have become ineffective. Since debiliated Jupiter is well-placed sky is the limit for him.

Murli Manohar Joshi

Many persons have been responsible for the resurgence of BJP and the role of Murli Manohar Joshi in this task is unparalleled. There is one significant thing in Indian politics: those who are not in the limelight play an important role on the national platform. When such a thing happens then even the non-believers say that fate and the cosmos play an all important role. His lagna is Aquarius and Saturn’s mahadasha has started recently. Saturn is placed in the 12th house along with Mars, Venus and Rahu forming a rajayoga called “Pravajra” and to this Jupiter is giving strength from the 8th house. The 12th house in the horoscope depicts deeds of the past birth. The good deeds of the past life are in abundance in this horoscope and therefore this kundli cannot be ignored.

Arun Jaitely

Arun Jaitely played an important role in the nomination of Narendra Modi as the BJP candidate for the post of Prime Minister. This signifies that Arun Jaitely cannot be ignored. His lagna is Gemini and Saturn – Moon is in operation till April 2015. Exalted Saturn is placed in the 5th house and Moon has occupied the 12th house. Both the planets are exalted but are not well aligned with each other. This means that he will have to work hard to maintain his influence and stature. He will benefit if he modifies his strategy from time to time.
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