Ten tips for Kitchen Vastu

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Five elements play major role in or life. They are present in our body as well as in home. When we are in synchronization with each other, opportunities favor us. Kitchen in a home is a place where all five elements need support of each other to give us nutrition.  

1. East and Southeast direction are favourable in a home to make kitchen.

2. The gas stove should be kept in such a way while cooking, cook should face East direction.

3. Green is a colour of wood, it balances air element of Kitchen. Use green stone slab for cooking.

4. North is a direction of water so drinking water should be kept here. Sink can also be kept here but always keep it clean.

5. Avoid keeping sink and gas opposite to each other. There should be enough difference between these two elements. Keep a laborite rock stone between these two, if they are kept closely.

6. Fridge a very important stuff for kitchen. It needs electricity to run but keeps things cold. Keep it in West direction.

7. Keep your microwave and other electronic gadgets in the South direction of kitchen.

8. Beautiful crockery is an earth element, it will enrich your opportunities by placing them in Southwest direction.

9. Avoid creating worship area (pooja) in kitchen.

10. Breakfast table can be kept in west of northwest area.  

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