Taurus Scorpio Love Compatibilty—How The Bond Will Take On The World?

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Opposites attract—this is one adage we have been hearing since, forever. The same might just apply to the Taurus-Scorpio love match since both are placed right opposite to the other on the zodiac chart. However, in practical life, this might be as easy as you would like it to be. There is a lot of flare and drama that is latent in both these natives. Therefore, day to day issues could hamper the Taurus-Scorpio love match! This might give birth to issues that mar the future prospects of the relationship.  The Scorpio is seen as a Sorcerer while the Taurus is seen as an ideal Lover!

Taurus’s Honesty Versus Scorpio’s Secrecy

taurus scorpio love match

To begin with, the Taurean native is very grounded, sensual as well as honest about every feeling at heart. The Taurus partner will like a lot of sizzle and chooses to mask the real feelings that are part of his/her personality! When a Taurus native looks for love, he/she will look at getting transparency. As a contrast, the Scorpio will like to remain shrouded in secrecy. Honesty is not always a quality that is part of the Scorpio personality. The Taurean will actually look at Scorpio as someone looking to be aloof at mysterious.

Of course, there is a lot of action that will go on in the Taurus-Scorpio love match. There is a lot of affinity and positive chemistry between the two halves of the couple. Naturally, the physicality bit is not really compromised with the Taurean and Scorpio falling in love.  On a long term though, this fails to be sufficient food to sustain the love bond between the both of them! One essential thing to note is that Taurus and Scorpio—as a couple—will be possessive. There will be exhibitions of envy from both ends, from time to time!

These zodiac signs are part of the Fixed signs category and therefore, they are take to be stubborn in most situations. This could cause gaps between the two since conflicts will see one of these two halves budging from their individual stances.  Then again, the natives are quick to forgive and despite having a big showdown, they could soon embrace each other without much thought! They do not forget things easily though and would house a grudge that is sustained for as long as they decide.  The Taurean thinks that he/she is in control of all conflicts and the relationship but in reality, the Scorpio is the native who will draw the main strings here. Taureans sure are intransigent but then, the Scorpio native will be manipulative. This will ensure a balance in the relationship.

How To Score A Six As A Couple?

taurus scorpio love match

With some understanding and sailing through these obstacles, the Taurus-Scorpio love match will be a happy couple. They can work well till they want to! The relationship will be dynamic but complex. The one thing this pair has to ensure is that they do not forget their love or emotions amid all the passion ad drama that the love match offers! 

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