How To Make Tarot Readings for 2018

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Tarot card readings have been around us since several centuries in the past. If you wish to find out your future through Tarot card predictions 2018, you have several online resources to assist you in the process. The software provided by tarot card prediction sites lets you pick a set of three or five or seven or a specified number of cards to give predictions for 2018. Here we discuss how to make tarot card predictions 2018 with the 7-card tarot spread.
Card-1 Prediction: Your learning card
The first card will tell you what lessons you learnt from the previous year that must carry forward for success in this year ahead. The card lets you focus on your past, learn the lessons from your experiences and then apply those lessons for the betterment of your future life. 

Card-2 Prediction: Your predictions card

Human life is always filled with hopes and aspirations. You will always be highly excited to know what the forthcoming year will bring you in every front of life. The second card you choose will reveal what will happen with regard to your relationships, career, finance and long-term goals. 

Card-3 Prediction: Your challenges card

Nothing big in life can come without challenges. The most important thing is to face them confidently and implement the right strategies to win them successfully. The third tarot card is going to give you a glimpse of the challenges you might encounter in your life when you surge forward to realize your goals. 

Card-4 Prediction: Your strength card

Once you know what challenges you might face in the year ahead, now it is time to know your strengths. The fourth card will help peep inside your personality and get to know your strengths to be able to fight the odds of life. You will find out the untapped energies you have in you to be able to make use of them in the right way. 

Card-5 Prediction: Your advising card

Once you have decided what you want in future and prepared yourself to move towards achieving your goals, the fifth card will help gather some useful advices that will be an eye opener in many ways. This card will tell you why you failed earlier in your life and how to avoid such failures now. This card enhances self-introspection. 

Card-6 Prediction: Your guiding card

This is a very important card that will guide you with regard to the action you will have to take in your life both in the short time and long time. This card will help focus on your mind as well as energy. Write down your thoughts and decide the next course of action you will take. 

Card-7 Prediction: Your clarifying card

After a thorough reflection on your predictions, your action plans, your strengths and your advices, it is time for you to focus on gaining some clarity on a few issues that haunt your mind. The clarity card will help you know how the whole scheme of your action will fit in your life. This will help you proceed with the clear direction.

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