Surya Grahan 2018 Timing, Date and Effects

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Eclipses are rare astronomical events. Astrologically eclipses have a lot of significance to humans. Vedic astrology considers eclipses as inauspicious events and does not approve undertaking any auspicious activities during these periods. Solar and lunar eclipse impact human lives significantly as these two celestial bodies significantly influence the horoscopes of people. Astrology gives detailed predictions on solar and lunar eclipses and their effects on various zodiac signs. Eclipses differ in their nature and effects due to their timing, nature and relation to other planets in astrology. Here are the details about Surya Grahan February 2018.

Surya Grahan February 2018 date and timing

In February 2018, the solar eclipse will be a partial one happening on Friday, 15th and 16th February 2018 as per the different geographies. This eclipse will be visible only from some parts of Antarctica, the Antarctic Ocean and some parts of the Southern South America. Since this solar eclipse will not be visible from India, astrology says there will not be any effect of this Surya Grahan on the lives of people in India.

Surya Grahan 2018 Overview

Surya Grahan is a troubled time as per astrology and no auspicious activities can be started during this period. During the eclipse time, the sun is hidden partially or fully from sight when seen from the earth which means there is some amount of absence of light which can have some symbolic negative effects on the human lives. Astrology makes a detailed study of the effects of each eclipse on the natives of different zodiac signs. As per the astrological calculations, the February 2018 Surya Grahan will not have any effects on any zodiac sign since this eclipse is not visible in India. Even the Sutak applicable for the eclipses are not applicable for this year’s solar eclipse.

No auspicious beginnings

Do not commence any important activities during the Surya Grahan periods. The eclipse period is considered very unlucky and hence it is expected to bring bad luck to all the ventures started during the Grahan time.

Surya Grahan Fasting is ideal

Fasting on the day of Grahan and breaking the fast after the Grahan is over can have significant positive impact on people’s health. However, eating during the Grahan time is strictly prohibited for all people except those who cannot do this on medical grounds.

No cooked foods

Cooked foods must be finished several hours before the Grahan and nothing cooked should be stored over the Grahan period. After the Grahan is over, people take bath, clean their homes, cook fresh foods, do puja to the deities at home and then eat the Prasad.

No sexual activities on Surya Grahan

Having sexual intercourse is strictly prohibited as per astrology during the Grahan period. Pregnant women must remain very careful and must not come out of the home during the Grahan time. They are also prohibited from using sharp objects and needles during the Grahan time.

Prayers and mantra chanting on Surya Grahan Time

The best thing to do during the Grahan time is to chant the divine names of God, do meditation and involve in scriptural studies. These activities will maintain the mental balance and infuse confidence in people. Chant your favourite mantras and after the Grahan time do some charity works to get God’s blessings.

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