Evil Numbers 4,8,9 come together to kill

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Evil numbers 4,8,9 strike as Sujata Shroff (name number 13) mows car over 5 bystanders leaving 2 dead.Fatal accident on 17.4.2017 adds to 2017+17+4=2038=13=4. Car number is MH 12 GV 8374 adds to 22=4. Footage shows accident at 2.49.49, note 4 and 9 repeating twice in the footage (what more evidence needed).Just received information from my sources just now that Sujata Shroff is born on 8.11.1960, she is fate number 8 and 8+11+1960=1979=26=8! No wonder her car number 4 killed another 4 and injured other 9's! on 17.4.2017 a date that added to 8 and 4. Numbers indeed speak!

Those killed are Ishika (adds to 13 and full name Ishika Vishwakarma adds to 9. Those injured are Sayyad Peerali and Sahi's Shaikh whose names also add to 9 and Nisha Peerali adds to 4. All of them were residents of Dhakude Heights (adds to 4).

In my several posts on FB and articles since 1993, I have advocated that numbers 4,8 and 9 are very fatalistic when they come together, especially for people born on these dates and also having names that add to these numbers (my original research).

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