Shukra Mantra Mantra Meaning And Benefits

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Shukra or Venus is the preceptor of the demons. Shukra is one among the beneficial planets who can bless the natives with courage, confidence, wealth, luxuries, comforts, happiness and a highly satisfying married life. The favourable position of Shukra in the horoscope helps the individual attain all riches on the earth and emerge successful in all fronts of life. Here are a set of chosen Shukra mantras and their meanings. 

Shukra gayatri mantra

“Om Rajadabaaya vidmahe, Brigusuthaya dhimahi, tanno sukrah prachodayat.”


I bow down in front of Lord Shukra who is the descendant of Sage Bhrigu and the one who is mounted on a white horse. Let his blessings illumine my consciousness and enlighten my being. 

Shukra Beej mantra

“Om Shum Shukraya Namah”


This Shukra beej mantra is made of seed sound representing planet Venus. 

Powerful Shukra beej mantra

“Om Draamg Dreeng Droung Sah Shukray Namah”


I perceive Lord Shuka in these universal sounds. Let the Lord of planet Venus illumine my intellect.

Shukra gayatri mantra

”Om aswadhwajaaya vidmahae Dhanur hastaaya dheemahi
Tanno shukra: prachodayaat.”


I bow down to Lord Shukra who has a flag staff of horse and carries a bow in his hand. Let the Lord illumine my intellect and add more light to my path. Gayatri mantras are known to protect the chanters. Shukra gayatri mantra can help win the divine protection from the planet Venus for all aspects of life. 

How to chant Shukra mantras

Choose your favourite Shukra mantra and chant it with devotion and faith. 
Wearing white dress while reciting this mantra helps maximise the benefits of chanting this mantra
Donate clothes and food to beggars and the needy people to secure the blessings of Lord Shukra in abundance. 
Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi and offer sandal paste to the goddess to attract the blessings of Venus in more measures. 
Chant the Shukra mantra for 1 mala (108 times) or three malas (324 times) or 21 malas (2268 times). The mantra chanting can start on a Friday and grow progressively to cover more malas. The chanting must not decrease on the move. Alternatively the count can be 11,27,54.

The benefits of chanting Shukra mantra

All confusions at the domestic life are solved and peace and prosperity come to rule the home.
The doshas or problems due to the unfavourable position of Shukra in the horoscope are resolved and the subject attains happiness and success in life.
Disputes with enemies are resolved and many issues are settled amicably without many efforts.
The candidate wins a powerful and influential speech to perform well in general life, career and business. 
The positive results of favourable Shukra in the horoscope are enhanced and the subjects attain exalted positions in life.
Those in the fields of arts, luxuries, fashion designing, beauty business will shine and prosper in life by chanting this mantra.
By chanting this mantra, you will attain youthful looks and a disease free life. 
Your struggles in life will be relieved and you will experience added security and comforts.
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