Saturn Transit in Sagittarius

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The transition of Saturn helps us to teach the responsibilities for ourselves. It shows one the correct path in life and meets one with the sufferings caused due to the mistakes in the life. This transition can bring heavy depression but if we focus, our energy in the meaningful endeavors it can help us to reap good benefits in the future. 

Saturn is the planet that reminds us the reality and the truth of life and it makes one to face the reality bites for the deeds and the work we do in our lives. 

Saturn is the judge that teaches us about the value of moderation and caution, perhaps the best way to fight the transition phase is to avoid fighting the lessons of the life that are not true and according to the divine. 

Saturn demands honesty, simplicity and loads of work to reap actual benefits of your hard work. If you’re not at all alert about your work, then this is the period in which you may face destruction and ugly events of life, so hold take proper decision regarding your professional life and practice honesty and hard working. With the Saturn powerful in the house, the desire to control is always there. Some of us might try to control the people in our lives, so it’s better to leave them alone and do their own deeds because at last the final results are declared by the Saturn itself. In our behavior if we will not control our negative expressions then situation may come in which these kind of behavior will be punished in some way or the other, we will soon realize that there is no reward for them. 

Saturn urges for definitions, commitments and structure but many of us might feel raged, trapped or, limited in some way or the other. Saturn in Sagittarius will look for the practical expressions and will firm up the beliefs system. Avoid thinking negative as it can lead to disappointment. 

Our faith can be tested hardly and it may question our basic assumptions of life initially knowing who or what to trust for the same. This is an ideal time to let go off the self-defeating attitudes as it can hamper our professional and personal life largely. However, Appeasing Saturn can decrease the effects.

This transit is about sincerity and authenticity as it is a good time to enlist the help of mentors, elders or authorities on matter. In order to reap benefits for the same, you can accept that some options may be limited in order to enjoy a simpler and more fulfilling life. 

Therefore, this is the period of great dedication, softness and sobriety as any negative tendencies can halt you in trouble. 

So stay calm and practice patience.......

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