Salman, Vivek, Ash: Numerology Says It All

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The behaviour of Salman Khan is not surprising at all since he is a number 9 born on 27th December. In addition, an exalted Mars makes him very aggressive and passionate. The old saying 'where there is love there is no sense' seems to be correct in his case. At the moment, Salman is going through an adverse period. Saturn and Ketu are not in his favour. I would advise him to show complete restraint as any belligerent behaviour or aggressive tendency will spell doom for him. The period which will be bad for him is between June and September as Mars and Uranus will combine adversely in Aquarius over his natal Saturn and Moon. He will become increasingly restive and may get involved in fights which can lead to defamation and deeper complications in legal matters. 

As far as Salman's relationship with Aishwarya is concerned, it is practically over as Salman's stars currently are not in the right positions. On the other hand, Aishwarya too cannot have stable relationships with anyone since her Mars is retrograde in the 7th house (marriage and alliances). Her Rahu, Mars and Venus in the 3rd house are affected by Saturn, her 5th lord (romance), which is also retrograde. Mercury, which is her 7th lord from Moon, is retrograde. It is certain that Aishwarya cannot have any permanent affair due to retrograde Mars and the Venus-Rahu combine. This indicates instability, confusion and temptations in relationships. In fact rumours of her involvement with others will keep surfacing till her Mars dasha is on till 2005. 

Interestingly, the whole media is abuzz with rumours of Vivek and Aishwarya getting close. 

Some journalists saw them together at Suresh Kalmadi's party on March 26 this year. The media has been asking me whether something is on between both. 

Ash And Vivek: It's very tricky to comment on relationships, but the stars do indicate there is a great deal of chemistry between them since Aishwarya's Mars-Venus dasha has commenced from February 2003 itself and interestingly Vivek too has commenced Venus dasha from February 18 this year. The stars are fairly compatible, let us say about 65% to 70%. Vivek's moon is with Saturn which will make him indecisive and so they will not be able to decide on marriage, but they will continue to be good friends. Vivek needs to tackle the Salman episode carefully and do whatever is needed to protect himself legally as Salman is a very impulsive guy and can get physical too between June and November 2003. 

But I do not see the relationship between Aishwarya and Vivek ending in wedlock as her Mars is retrograde and she may snap ties. 

Numerologically, Aishwarya is a strong and possessive lady with typical Scorpion determination. She is also secretive and seductively charming. She cannot play second fiddle in relationships. Unfortunately she came across two very strong males in her life: Salman, who is a number 9 and Vivek who is a number 3. 

Vivek too may seem mild, but he cannot be dominated. He, however, is vulnerable to flattery which I am afraid doesn't come easily from Scorpio Ash. Vivek is also romantic and moody. Salman should not take Aishwarya for granted since she is ignoring his tantrums, but there can be nobody more dangerous than a Scorpion when they turn back for revenge. 

Ash's destiny number 5 is also compatible with Vivek’s destiny number 7 and they can understand each other emotionally. In numerology, if one's vowels in the name add up to the same number as the other's vowels, it is said to be soul mate compatibility. 

If you see below Ash and Vivek are totally compatible at the soul level since both their vowels add up to 4! But Salman's adds up to only 3. So Vivek is one up than Salman as far as compatibility with Ash goes! 

The relationship in numbers: 

AISHWARYA RAI: 19 1 1 19 SOUL NUMBER = 1+9+1+1+1+9=22=4 

VIVEK OBEROI: 9 5 6 5 69 SOUL NUMBER = 9+5+6+5+6+9=40=4 

SALMAN KHAN: 1 1 1 SOUL NUMBER = 1+1+1 = 3

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