Sakat Chauth: The Easy Road To Progress and Prosperity

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The other names of Sakat Chauth are Ganesh Chauth and Tilkuta Chauth. The main highlights of the day are worship of Lord Ganesh and moon god. Sakat Chauth puja and fasting is believed to bless the devotees with health, fortune and happiness in families.

Puja Vidhi
The women of the household wake up early in the morning and take holy bath. The home is cleaned, decorated and the picture or idol of Lord Ganesh is decorated. The observers of the vrat sit in front of the altar and chant the name of Ganesh 108 times choosing a name like “Om Ganeshaya Namah”.

In the evening, the puja altar is decorated and the idol of Ganesh is placed and decorated with flowers and Durva grass. The main desserts prepared on this day are made of til seeds and jaggery. After doing the puja and making the offerings, arati is sung and camphor light is waved in front of the idol.

After the evening puja, the moon rising in the sky is seen by the devotees and water is offered to moon. The story of Sakat Chauth is recited with the other members listening to it. In most cases, the offerings are left in front of the idol all night long and distributed among the family members on the next morning.

Fasting Rules
The observers of the vrat fast for the whole day long. The fast commences in the dawn and extends till dusk concluding after evening Ganesh puja and having a vision of the moon.

Vrat Story
Once upon a time, two brothers and their wives lived together. The wife of the elder one was very arrogant and cruel and highly jealous of others. She used to always trouble the younger brother’s wife and also insult her in a way asserting her own supremacy in the family. The younger one’s wife was highly pious and virtuous. She was deeply devoted to Lord Ganesh. She faithfully observed the Sakat Chauth vrat and wished to offer Prasad at the end of the puja.

Since she had nothing in the home, she frequented the elder one’s wife and asked if something could be given. The elder one’s wife insulted her and denied anything. Therefore the younger one’s wife concluded the puja praying for pardon since she could not offer anything and slept in hunger.

Lord Ganesh appeared in her dream and blessed the home with jewels, wealth and all comforts. When she woke up, she was surprised to find countless blessings all around her. Growing jealous of the young one’s wife, the elder one’s wife too performed the puja only to see nothing turned out and Ganesh could not be pleased at all. Thereupon, she realised her mistake and begged for pardon from the younger one’s wife.

Sakat Chauth vrat confers prosperity and wealth at homes.
Ganesh is the Lord of obstacles and therefore the puja can help remove the hurdles to growth and secure divine protection in every sphere of life.
Continuous and sincere observance of Sakat Chauth vrat can bless the devotees with the vision of Lord Ganesh.

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