Results of Shani (Saturn) transit in Dhanu (Sagittarius) (From 27 Jaunuary 2017 to 19 June 2017) (From 27 October 2017 to 31st March 2018)

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Vrisha (Taurus) -  Shani (Saturn) in eighth house is inauspicious for you. Conflicts will remain constant in life. There will be opposition from the state administration while accomplishing any work. Your wife will have to undergo sufferings and ailments. Diseases related to the liver will be common. People with extreme bad dasha will even have to lose their spouse forever.

Mithun (Gemini) - Shani (Saturn) in the seventh house is extremely inauspicious. You will get relief from troubles, gain wealth and enjoy a steady income but your mind will be restless due to clashes and miserable situations in life.

Kark (Cancer) -  Shani (Saturn) in the sixth house will prove to be favourable; fame, profits and success will be yours. You will get relief from diseases and enjoy the best of health. You will attain many profitable gains in life. Opponents will become weak and will finally be defeated.

Simha (Leo) - Shani (Saturn) in the fifth house will be inauspicious. You will get success in every sphere of life only after a lot of struggles and efforts. Your reasoning skills will deteriorate due to spending time in bad company. You will have a stressful relationship with your spouse and financial position will gradually suffer. People with an inauspicious dasha will be under pressure due to economic crisis.

Kanya (Virgo) - Shani (Saturn) in fourth house will prove to be unfavourable and will lead to misery and clashes in life. There will be non-cooperation and opposition from the society and state administration regarding any work. Economical position might turn worse. People in job might have to get ready for a transfer of workplace.

Tula (Libra) - Shani (Saturn) in third house is extremely auspicious but you will have to strive hard to achieve the best results in life. Sometimes you will feel low thinking of the huge expenses and the losses incurred. You will share a bitter relationship with your father and in-laws. You will also have fights with your wife.

Vrishchik (Scorpio) -  Shani (Saturn) in the second house is inauspicious. This is the last ‘dhaiyya’ of the ‘sadhe saati’ (Saturn’s dreadful 7 ½ years) phase and so there is likelihood of transfer of workplace.

Dhanu (Sagittarius) - Shani (Saturn) in the first house is unfavourable. It is the middle ‘dhaiyya’ of the ‘sadhe saati’ (Saturn’s dreadful 7 ½ years) phase. Shani (Saturn’s) silver paada (rajat pada) will be replete with sufferings. Therefore, happiness and grief will run along together. Mental strength will lessen. You will have misunderstandings with close relatives and have conflicts with your spouse.

Makar (Capricorn) - Twelfth Shani (Saturn) is inauspicious; hurdles and sufferings will exist in life. People with a negative dasha will remain worried about their children. There will be sufferings due to children’s ill-health.

Kumbha (Aquarius) - Shani (Saturn) in the eleventh house will prove to be auspicious for you. People who have been suffering long from an illness will attain good health. You will achieve new position and rights associated with it. You will get full support from your spouse and enjoy wealth gains in life. Family life will remain happy.

Meen (Pisces) - Shani (Saturn) in the tenth house will prove to be extremely auspicious. Struggles and hard labour will be common in life but sudden wealth gains will make you happy. Despite economic gains, there will be fear of losing property. You will remain self-dependant. 

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